Hi there! I'm Leah, and this is my web site. Thanks for visiting. If you're on this page, I assume you want to know a little about me, so here goes!

I'm a Jersey girl, but I’ve lived in the South long enough to lose my accent and most of my attitude. I call people “sir” and “ma’am” now, without much of a trace of irony.

At night and on weekends, I'm a full-time wife and mother. I have a daughter, Zoe, and a husband, Charles, and we do things like listen to the Beastie Boys while dancing around like crazy people. Zoe is growing up nerdy and I like it that way.

I'm also a writer. I grew up on horror, sci-fi, fantasy...you name it, and if it had something scary or nerdy, I loved it.  Freddy Kruger haunted my nightmares, while Star Wars filled my daydreams. I also had a crush on Mikey, from The Goonies. So my writing tends to reflect those things - a little horror, a little sci-fi, a lot of adventure.