April 12, 2016

Upcoming HEARTLESS Launch Events

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday! Are you having a good day?

I am! Let me tell you why...

...it's because I'm EXCITED! The HEARTLESS Launch is less than one month away, and I've got TWO events coming up here in Charleston! Yes, not just one anymore, but TWO! TWO! I've never had TWO events before!

Here are all the details. I'll update this post should anything else come up, and re-share linkies and all that!

Event #1:

Oh yes, you read that right. Barnes and Noble. I'm not lying.

You guys. I've walked through this particular Barnes & Noble so many times, wishing wishing WISHING to one day see my book(s) on its shelves. I've lamented the fact that I'm not there yet.

Soon? I will be. At least at this particular Barnes & Noble, on May 10, 2016! So come on our and celebrate with us! This event is free and open to the public. I'll give a little author-y chat about HEARTLESS, read a bit, answer any audience questions, and then I'll hopefully sign YOUR book! Really! I hope I get to see you there!

Event #2:

What? A party? For me? That NEVER happens! 

But it is! It's happening! At Blue Bicycle Books, which is only the COOLEST indie bookseller in the area! Blue Bicycle Books is also the host of YALLFest each fall, a gathering of some of the top YA authors in the business! 

And they're letting ME come party at their place! Some come on out! Drink some wine! Eat some cake! (Nom nom nom!) and celebrate!

Because who doesn't need an excuse to party????

* * * * 

I trust you will believe me when I say: you're reading about my dreams coming true. 

I may never be famous. I may never be rich. 

I may never have the opportunity to host my own book signing or release party again.

Thus I am going to live this opportunity up to the fullest! I am going to read with gusto! Sign with a flourish! Drink wine like the wino I am!

And I am going to enjoy each moment my wacko-life presents me, to its fullest.

I hope you will come enjoy one of these moments with me. I hope I see you there.

Because I'm super-excited, and want to party with YOU!

P.S. There's one other event coming up...I'm gonna keep this one under wraps for a minute though...but keep an eye on this space for ONE MORE ANNOUNCEMENT, and trust me...if these events are (for me) killer, this next one? It's an atomic bomb!

Eeeeeeep! xoxo!

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Jeremy said...

Congrats Leah! Enjoy the party, you deserve it! Looking forward to reading Heartless.

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