April 26, 2016

Piccolo Fiction at Charleston Music Hall

Hey friends! How's it going?

Do you remember recently, when I posted about dreams coming true? And I said you were actually getting to watch some of mine coming true over the coming months? And I was silly-excited?

Here's another one. I don't know how I've gotten so lucky this year, but I am thrilled and humbled and, well...holy crap!

I've been invited by my pals at Blue Bicycle Books to participate in Piccolo Fiction, the longest running Piccolo Spoleto event devoted entirely to fiction! And, well...holy crap!! 

For those not from the area, the Spoleto Festival USA is an annual celebration of all things cultural and cool. It takes place in Charleston, and it's HUGE. 

Piccolo Spoleto is an offshoot of that - it's smaller and quirkier, and always fun. 

Since moving down here and starting writing, I've dreamed of taking part in a Piccolo Spoleo event....and now I WILL!!! WHAT?

Even cooler? This amazing event will bring together four local(ish) writers, one of whom happens to be Mount Pleasant native Grady Hendrix, whose Horrorstor garnered him this review from me last year. Seriously, I love this book, and I can't wait to meet Grady and get him to sign my copy! Y'all should plan to come out just to see him and celebrate the release of his newest novel!

Oh, and the coolest part? The part that makes this the most exciting thing I may EVER do with my life? (Apart from marrying Charles and having Zoe, of course...)

It's taking place at the Charleston Music Hall.

You GUYS! I've seen the Indigo Girls on that stage. I've seen Neil-effing-Gaiman on that stage! This venue? The Music Hall? It's incredibly gorgeous, incredibly classy...and I'm going to get to stand on that stage?


What did I step in to deserve this honor? 

I have no idea, but I'm gonna live it up and I really, really think you should come...not for me this time, but for the other writers, and the venue, and the taking part in something cultural and cool thing.

Seriously, people. I hope to see you there.

June 4, at 5 p.m., at the Charleston Music Hall on John Street. 

Holy CRAP!

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Faith said...

That is an awesome looking stage! What a great opportunity. I hope you enjoy it!

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