February 8, 2016

Self-Promo and Linkies and Pre-Orders, Oh My!

The time has come, y'all! A moment of absolute transparency. A minute of begging. And a whole heaping helping of love to you, my friends, family, and supporters. 

See, here's the thing: in order to keep doing this writing-thing, this thing I love, I need help. I need to sell books. I need readers and fans and all sorts of other things.

In short, I need YOU!

A writer's career will be very short if she doesn't sell books. It'll be very short if she doesn't reach readers. It'll be very short without YOU.

But here's the problem: I hate hate HATE asking people for things! HATE IT! But I can't succeed without your help, and to get your help, I have to ask.

It's a conundrum.

So here's a post where I am asking - no, begging - for your help! I'll try to keep it short.

1. This is important. In order for bookstores to want to order HEARTLESS, they need to see that it'll sell well. So pre-orders on Amazon become VERY important, VERY quickly. If you are considering purchasing a copy of HEARTLESS at any time (either the hardcover or e-book edition), I'd be super-thankful if you'd go ahead and pre-order a copy here.

2. I have a shiny, new, official author page on Facebook. From that page, I'll share info moving forward about ALL my writing projects! I'd love it if you'd not only give it a like, but also click the Liked button and choose the option to Get Notifications...that way you won't miss any interesting and exciting posts!

3. There's still an open Goodreads giveaway for six of the gorgeous advance copies of HEARTLESS. Advance copies are used for promotions, for reviews, and (most importantly) for finding all those last minute typos we'd all rather live without. It's cool to have an ARC of a book from an author you love, so if you want one of mine, please do enter!

4. Regarding signed copies of things....so. I don't know if/when I'll have a stash of actual copies of HEARTLESS to sign and sell directly to you. Here's what I do know, though. 
  • This summer, I'll be doing as many events as I can find bookstores to host me. I hope to travel around the lower east coast, as well as up in the tri-state area. Maybe I'll even head to Tulsa, Oklahoma! You just never know. Hopefully I'll get to come to a bookstore near you, so I can sign your book in person! Stay tuned here and on Facebook for dates/times/events!!!
  • I am always, ALWAYS willing to sign and ship a book if you order from Amazon and have it sent to me. If you're interested in this, contact me directly via email and we'll talk. 
5. I will be at Captain's Comic Expo (February 20-21) again this year. I'll have the advance copies of HEARTLESS for you to see but not sell. I will be selling my Undead America series, however, and I'll have some fun swag to give away (including adorable HEARTLESS buttons courtesy of Marianne Quirk - she took the cover and made little button images for me and I love them and can't wait to share!!!). I am also trying to come up with a fun contest around the event...so we'll see what we can do! It should be a great time!

and 6. Work starts this week (time permitting) on a sequel to HEARTLESS. Tentatively titled SHAPELESS, it'll follow Lucy and Eli and some other familiar faces on further adventures into the dark side of the pesky Order of the Adversaries....and it's going to be FUN to write!

You guys. Seriously. I wouldn't have come this far without you, and I am so grateful for this wild ride of mine! You are the BEST and the most WONDERFUL and I absolutely adore YOU!!!!

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