February 3, 2016

Gamut Magazine's Kickstarter

Hi friends! How are you? What's been going on?

I'm excited right now. Want to hear why?

It's because one of my favorite writing pal's, Richard Thomas, is trying to start a brand spankin' new literary magazine/web site for transgressive, interesting, genre-bending fiction!

Called Gamut Magazine, when it gets off the ground, it'll publish new fiction, reprints of cool older work, poetry, and essays. It will focus on the darker side of the world - neo-noir, or the new black, so to speak.

And seriously - it's got some of my favorite writerly people involved.

First we've got Richard Thomas, who I've worked with at LitReactor for several years. Richard's a fabulous writer and editor - a short story anthology he was a part of editing, Burnt Tongues, went pretty much off the charts last year. He's also a publisher at Dark House Press, so to say that Gamut has someone at the helm who's been in the trenches and knows what's up would be an understatement. Richard is also kind and generous with his time, and he's been like a literary big brother to me.

Also on board is my awesome bud, Dino Parenti. He'll be one of the fiction editors, which is great, because I've never read work from Dino that hasn't ripped open my soul. We met when we were both taking part in a weekly writing contest, and though the entries were always anonymous, I'd know Dino's voice anywhere. Dark and tragic, while still funny and engaging...he's someone special. Trust me. Oh, and he's a total sweet pea who'd do anything for anybody, too. So yeah. Good to have on staff, to say the least.

Other staff members include Keith Rawson and Max Booth, two razor-sharp writers I've traded jabs with at LitReactor. They're fantastic.

And the lineup Gamut has planned? Jeeeez. They already have amazing writers promising to submit stories and other work...like the aptly-named Sarah Read (her stories will make you ache), Rebecca Jones-Howe (her short story collection garnered her an angry email from a granny, calling her a "dirty girl" or some such nonsense) and the ever-amazing Amanda Gowin (who's one of my favorite people with whom to karaoke). Transgressive master Stephen Graham-Jones is on board, along with Laird Barron....and oh man, I could go on and on.

The pay rate is totally professional ($0.10/word), so you can make some cash if they start publishing your work, and they even hope to run some novel serializations (Richard, talk to me about this, because I can't write short form anymore! Hahahaha!!).

Oh...and if you don't want to listen to me babble on about it, why not listen to Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk, who says:
Now that short fiction has become as standardized as the SATs and Common Core—all in order to 'judge' and 'rank' writers—I'm excited to see what Richard Thomas brings to the game. Gamut will be the new magazine not written for the little old lady in Dubuque.
So. Gamut Magazine. Go check out the Kickstarter (which has raised over $8k in two days!), and support it if it sounds like your thing. And it should sound like your thing! After all, you're friends with me, aren't you? 

Happy reading, and good luck to Richard, Dino, and the amazing Gamut gang! 

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