November 13, 2014

Friday night at the Windjammer - Help Save a Life!

Hey you guys!

I don't often advertise events here on the blog, unless I'm directly associated with them. You've heard all about rUNdead, sure, and now Atomacon, but this is something different. I won't be at this event, but I wish I could be. 

You see, a friend of mine is trying to help a friend of HIS, a friend who's battled cancer not once, but THREE TIMES! And I want to help him spread the word! Because cancer sucks and it's stupid how much it costs to treat it, and far too many people in this world have their lives turned upside down by that awful disease.

So yes! Let's help!

My friend Tyler Boone is a singer/songwriter here in Charleston. His friend, Dan Rainey, is a musician with a bunch of local bands, including Tyler's. This guy Dan has already had three cancerous tumors, and now he needs chemotherapy. Medical bills have already piled up, and are threatening to get completely out of hand. 

So now, the Charleston music community is ready to help. If you can, head out to The Windjammer Friday night for the concert event, A Little Help from my Friends!

This line-up is pretty awesome. If you're local and you listen to The Bridge at 105.5, you'll know a lot of the music. Also, Box from the Box & Kelly morning show will be performing with some of the bands. Since I already know Box plays a mean air guitar, I imagine the results will be epic.

For more information, check out this page at the Coast Records web site.

The Charleston music community is small and tight. They're all good people. If Tyler says Dan needs help, then we should all help. Cancer sucks. 

If you are free Friday, you should definitely check out this show. All proceeds will benefit Dan directly, helping to pay down his medical bills. If I were free Friday, I'd be there - for the music, sure, but more importantly for the cause.

Fuck you, Cancer. The Charleston music community is coming for you.

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