September 9, 2014

Rob Hart's New Yorked gets a GORGEOUS Cover!

Rob Hart is the kind of guy who checks in on me and my writing journey. "I just want to make sure you're in good hands," he says, and he means it. 

He shares tweets and Facebook posts about books written by his friends. He helps struggling writers sign up for classes over at LitReactor. And he buys his friends' books and actually READS them.

Yep. He's that kind of guy.

So when a good deal went bad and his book New Yorked lost its publisher a while back (through no fault of Rob's - the publisher actually shut down), I think I was almost as sad as he was! It about broke my heart! He didn't deserve that! I was ready to fight for and with him!

And then, when he found a new publisher, who's been AMAZING to him, I wished I was in New York to party with him.

Now that he's got a cover for that book, and he's doing his big reveal this week, of COURSE I'm thrilled to host him here! Read on to learn more from Rob about his upcoming novel, New Yorked, and man! Check out that cover! It's incredible!

Rock on, Rob, and I can't wait to read New Yorked! Next time we hang out in real life, I'm buying you a bourbon!

"Most cities are nouns; New York's a verb."
--John F. Kennedy, quoted in Native's Guide to New York

I love this quote, because it's so true, isn't it? New York City is bigger than a collection of buildings and people. It's does something to you. Changes you at the genetic level. 

And it does work as a verb. I have a friend who uses the term "New Yorked" to describe things this city fucks up. Like the snow. Beautiful when it first falls, but after an hour or so, between the garbage and the exhaust and the foot traffic, turns dingy and gray. The snow has been New Yorked. 

Those $4 bodega umbrellas that snap in a stiff wind and litter the streets like corpses after every rainfall? New Yorked. 

Ashley McKenna, the narrator of my debut novel, gets New Yorked too. Hence the title. It's perfect. Just like that quote from JFK. And just like this cover. 

Snow is an important thematic element in the story, so highlighting it feels right. I love the injection of color the umbrella brings in. 

And it nails what I think is becoming the most important elements of cover design: Big letters. Simple, bold images. Most people, the first time they see this, it'll be on a computer screen, shrunken down onto a sales page at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If the details are too fine it's going to look like a jumbled mess. This, you can make out from a distance. 

See also: Jo by Leah Rhyne. Nice and simple. Splash of color. Atmospheric. It's the kind of cover that makes me want to read the book. 

New Yorked is coming in June from Polis Books, and I'm thrilled that this is the cover. After seeing it, I can't imagine it being anything else.

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