August 26, 2014

JO! Ebook Available for Pre-Order!

Hey friends! Guess what! The ebook version of JO is available for pre-order NOW!!!! Check it out!

Links will be below, but first, a quick note:

JO will be available as a paperback, too. It will be $13.95. Right now, the ebook is $2.99. BUT if you order the paperback for JO, it's enrolled in Amazon's Match Book Program, meaning you'll get an e-copy for FREE with every paperback! So it's like saving $3.00.

SO! If you want to get the paperback, don't pre-order the ebook (much as I'd love to have tons of ebook pre-orders). Wait and get the paperback via Amazon and get the ebook free!



Here's JO at Amazon!

Here's JO at Smashwords

(Smashwords is a distributor and bookseller in its own right. You can get all kinds of e-formats there.)

One more quick note:

Pre-orders help with Amazon rankings and such. If you do plan on purchasing the ebook only, please consider pre-ordering! I'd love it if you would!

Also! There's a Goodreads giveaway for two free copies of the JO paperback! You should enter! I'd love it if you won!

So that's all I have. Forgive me! I'm a little over-excited!

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