August 20, 2014

JO: An Early Review!!!!

Well, you guys, here's the thing. Sending out a book for review is the most nerve-wracking thing a writer can do. You see, once someone agrees to review your book, it's out of your hands. The reviewer may love it; they may hate it. You may get a five-star Amazon review; you may get a one-star BLAST. You just never know.

That's why, when this early review of JO went up late last week, I almost cried with relief. It says things like this: 

"This fast paced book had me gripped - and I mean completely hooked - and I simply had to keep reading till dawn."

and this:

"Jo was a brilliantly written, compelling read."

and this:

"It's a unique read, and something I've not read before: a refreshing change and a great addition to my horror library." 

I really couldn't have dreamed of a review like this. 

So....thanks so much to Carole at Gadget Girl Reviews, and do check out her blog when you have a minute. It's a fun mix of geeky gadgets and books; I think most of y'all will love it.

And JO!! She's out in less than two weeks if you can believe that!!! I can't wait for the rest of you to see what she has in store!

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