June 24, 2014

Bookish News!

Well, it's taken some soul searching. It's taken some tentative steps. And now I'm excited to say I'll be releasing my book, JO, at the end of the summer. It'll be my first major step towards truly being an indie-writer, at least for a little while, and I can't wait to see what you all think of this story.

So. Why am I self-publishing?

For one, I'm still working toward publishing in the more traditional way (i.e. agent, big-five publisher, etc.), but I have this book. This story. I posted the first chapter of it here a couple weeks ago, and got some really great feedback (emails, comments, etc.) about it. This story is also the one book my husband and brother both LOVE...the one my brother returns to every so often. "Remember...you can't let JO sit in a drawer and die. You have to do something with it."

It's not exactly a horror novel. It's not exactly sci-fi. It's a blend, a mix, and as such, I'm having a hard time finding a place for it within the traditional publishing model. Agents and publishers want something they know exactly where to put on a bookstore's shelves. This...is a little different.

But I think it's a fun story. An exciting story. There's blood and guts. There's love and lust. There's danger and adrenaline and fire and all kinds of other craziness.

Here's what it's all about:

Jolene Hall is dead – sort of. She can walk, think, and even talk, but her heart doesn’t beat and her lungs stopped breathing ages ago. Her body’s a mosaic of jagged wounds and stapled flesh.
Jolene Hall has a choice: turn herself in to the authorities, led by a suspiciously handsome police officer, or team up with her roommate Lucy and her boyfriend Eli to find a way to save herself. To Jo, the choice is clear. She’d like to know who turned her into a monster-girl, and she’d like to live to see another sunrise. 
But that choice has drastic repercussions. 
On a trip deep into the snowy White Mountains, to a hidden laboratory filled with danger and cadavers, Jo and Lucy find more monster-girls. Different monster-girls. Part body, part machine, run by batteries and electricity, these girls are killers, created by a shadowy Order with a penchant for chaos…and murder. 
To make matters worse, a photo on a wall of victims reveals Lucy is next in line to be “recruited” into this army of beautiful, walking corpses. 
When Jo’s physical condition takes a turn for the irreparable, and the Order kidnaps those she loves most, she must sacrifice herself to save them all.

I really think you're going to enjoy it.

So what's next, right? Well, I want this to be a successful release. I want lots of people to hear about this book. So I'm going to try to take all the steps successful indie authors take to spread the word about their books. I'll pick a release date, and publish it here. I'll pick a cover reveal date (I already have the cover - trust me, it's amazing!!), and publish it here. I'm going to try to make this HAPPEN in a big way.

And I could use your help!

If you're a blogger and you're seeing this, and would like to participate in any sort of blog tour/cover reveal, email me. If you'd like an advance copy of the book to read/review on your site, email me. And if you're a friend or family member and you'd like to help, do what you've done all along (please and thank you!!)! Share posts, share links, read it, review it on Goodreads. I'm SUPER excited about this book, and can't wait for you all to see it!


In other news!!! Undead America 3: Revolution has been submitted to my publisher! Hopefully she loves it and wants to publish it this fall - as soon as I know for sure, I'll let you know! There's a LOT in store for Jenna, Sam, and Will in book 3....and my early readers love how it all comes together in the end.

Or does it all fall apart in the end?

You'll just have to read it to find out!

EEEEE!! I can't wait to share these stories with you!!!


S.K.Falls said...

ZOMG this sounds AMAAAAAZING!!!! And congrats on making the momentous decision to self-publish--you're going to laugh, cry, love it, hate it, and celebrate, all in the same day. ;) I can't wait to see the cover, and I'm happy to do a reveal on my blog!

Leah said...

I heart you. SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

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