May 30, 2014

Two Sentence Horror Shorts

There've been a couple of posts making the rounds lately, featuring two-sentence horror stories that are super-creepy.  Here's BuzzFeed's version.

Of course I see this as a challenge, and had to come up with a couple myself. Just for fun and giggles.

What do you think?


Have you ever bitten off a hang nail and swallowed it whole, letting your body re-consume the cells that once belonged to it. That's what this virus does - it consumes your body, from the inside out - and I'm sorry to say your test came back positive.


"Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear," or so the saying goes. Which sucks, since the gnarly hand on the passenger seat headrest, the hand holding the knife, already looks pretty damn close in the rearview mirror.


Hope you enjoyed!

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Rebecca Enzor said...

oooh, the second one gave me shivers!

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