March 3, 2014

This weekend! Captain's Comic Expo!

Hey you guys!

Live in Charleston? 

Like comic books?

Like Scooby Doo?

Like Star Wars?


Well, this Saturday, March 8, is the Captain's Comic Expo, run by the amazingly awesome and spectacular people of Captain's Comics & Toys and Rose's & Ruin's Tattoos! It's going to be fantastic! Not only will there be dozens of comic book vendors selling their wares, a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine on hand for photo ops, and a regimen of Star Wars Storm Troopers...which are all super-great!...

But I will be there, too! Yes!!! I'll be selling copies of Zombie Days, Campfire Nights, the first book in my Undead America series! I plan to bring snacks and bookmarks and excellent conversation (remember, I'm shy...but I love when people say hello!!), and if you like, I'll sign your book too!

This is me, at an event last year, so you know who you're looking for.
I'll have about 25 copies on-hand to sell, so if you're worried about me selling out before you get there, feel free to order ahead from Amazon (if you have Prime, it'll get to you in time). Here's the link. If you bring a copy with, I'll sign it!! Because I'm cool that way (and really because HOLY SHIT SOMETIMES PEOPLE WANT ME TO SIGN THEIR BOOKS AND THAT'S CRAZY AND AMAZING!!!).

So. Here's all the info you need. In postcard form. I really, REALLY would love to see you there! And tell your friends, too! It's going to be a GREAT event!!

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