March 11, 2014

Reading with Zoe: Nick & Tesla's Awesome Adventures

Zoe can read now.

You hear me world? Zoe can read now! And I don't just mean a little. I mean last night, I had to tell her three times to go to sleep because she was so into a Junie B. Jones book that she just had to read a little more and a little more and a little more after that. 


But just because Zoe can read doesn't mean we'll stop reading together. For us, it's as much about spending quiet time with one another as it is about finding new books and sharing stories we love. I have no plans of ending that any time soon...or ever. 

And recently, we found a new story that we love....


Nick and Tesla are eleven years old, and they've just been sent to spend the summer with their Uncle Newt, all the way across the country in California while their parents are

Well, they're supposed to be in Uzbekistan studying soybeans or something, but evidence suggests something else might be going on.

And Nick and Tesla understand evidence. They are scientists, after all, and when things around their mad-scientist Uncle's small-town neighborhood seem to go wrong, Nick and Tesla are there to save the day.


There are two books so far in the series: Nick & Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab, and Nick & Tesla's Robot Army Rampage, both by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith (Best. Author names. Ever.). Zoe and I are a little more than halfway through the second, and let me tell you - these books are great! They're smart and funny, with enough grown-up humor and childish goofiness to keep us both laughing. The writing is solid and the stories are action packed (think: growling Rottweilers, a kidnapped child, and a rash of neighborhood robberies). Honestly, there have been times where I've had to resist the urge to read ahead, because I read much faster to myself than I do aloud to Zoe.

Woven into the stories are DIY "experiments," kind of like science fair projects. You can make robots, a burglar alarm, and all kinds of other things. I will admit that, with Zoe being only five and me being...well...less apt to run to Radio Shack than I care to admit, we haven't done any of the experiments yet, but I have a feeling in a few years Zoe will be hounding me to take her to the store so she can try.

I love these books. Seriously. Nick and Tesla are a twintastic team. When Nick is cautious, Tesla steps up and is extra brave (and ohmigosh, how much do I love that the GIRL is the "brave" sibling????). When Tesla is being outrageous, Nick reigns her in. They take care of each other, and their friends. 

Plus, they've got Zoe all KINDS of interested in science, and mysteries, and I can't say enough good things about Nick and Tesla.

Seriously. If you have a kid who's up for an adventure, check out these books. You won't regret it.


Nadre said...

I kind of want to read these! haha but I don't have a child. Love reading your blog btw- makes me happy!

Leah said...

If Z will let go of them, I'll bring them to NY as long as you promise to give 'em back. They're THAT fun!!

Also: It makes me happy that it makes you happy to read my blog. :D<3

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