February 12, 2014

Undead America: No Angels special deal!

Good morning everyone!! Today's an exciting day for me!! For today's the day that the first special sale begins for No Angels, Book 2 in the Undead America trilogy!! Yippeeeeee!!

Yes, that's right, it's on sale!! For approximately $1.99 at most online outlets (some places may have it a little more or less, but that's based on each vendor)!

So if you've been waiting to check out Undead America, or waiting to get the sequel, No Angels, now's your chance to nab the whole series for a little less than $8, or the sequel for $1.99-ish!! The sale will run through the rest of February, but don't forget - February's a short month, so grab it now before the deal ends!!

Please! If you have a moment, help me spread the word! I'd love to get this book in the hands of as many readers as possible!

Here are all the links!

Smashwords (Promotional code needed: JS88P, expires 2/28/2014)

So thanks! For helping me share this news and finding new readers and all the other awesome things y'all do over and over because you're the best!!!


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