January 21, 2014

My guilty pleasure post

Ok, friends. It's time to admit it. This is a big confession. Are you ready for it?

Well, the thing is...ok, so it seems...I am...

...an American Idol junkie.

I know! I know! What a silly thing for Zombie Girl to be, right? But it's true! So true. Charles and I watch it every year. We even have Zoe addicted to it now. I love the drama, the silliness. I love the bad (and sometimes amazing) music. I love the judges (mmm....Harry Connick Jr!!!!). I love it all.

But the other night, I realized why I love it, and that's what I wanted to tell you today. 

Here's the thing. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was just a girl. A working girl, a 9-5-er. I had a nice little life with a nice little house and a nice little husband and, eventually, a nice little daughter. I was pretty content, and life was pretty quiet.

But I didn't really have a dream. A thing I wanted to do. I was just treading water.

Now I'm a writer, right? (Rawr.) I have BIG DREAMS, and I work hard almost every day to make them happen. I write daily. I publish books and freelance articles and I keep on plugging away at all the things I do. And I love it.

But I haven't had my dreams come true. Not entirely, right? Because I want it all. I want to go on a book tour one day, or at least to a Con. I want to find an agent who'll be my partner in all things writing. I want to find a bigger network of readers. I want to find more friends and other writers, and I want things to keep getting better and better.

I used to watch the audition round of American Idol and laugh at the bad auditions, and maybe get a little happy for the ones who get their Golden Tickets.

These days, I care only about the good ones. The ones who are so happy to make it to Hollywood they're barely able to stand it. The ones who laugh. The ones who cry.

Because they're the ones who just took a huge step in making their dreams come true. 

I know kind of how it feels. I've taken some big steps over the past few years. But I have a long way to go, just like they do.

I love those auditions. I love those kids whose dreams are coming true. I love to think of my own next big step.

And...well....I also love me some Harry Connick Jr. 


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