December 3, 2013

Book Birthday! The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a geek. I know this because we've been Twitter-friends for a couple years now, and I've seen him tweet about such nerdy topics as video games, their systems, movies, books, and just about anything else. If it's geeky, chances are he's had an opinion about it.

Thus, it's PERFECT that his first book, which releases today, is THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO DATING, via Quirk Books (for whom he's also Media Guy Extraordinaire).

I had a chance to read GEEK'S GUIDE prior to its release today, and let me tell you - it made me giggle.

Now look, I'm not on the market. I'm happily married, and am not planning on being on the market ever again. But still...this book was funny and charming and it was wholly entertaining to see myself (and my husband, ahem) represented in this new and quirky and funny way.

In my house, we're geeks, for sure. Charles is a Comic Book Fan, a Gamer, and an Internet Geek, at least according to Eric's definitions. I, on the other hand, am a Social Media Geek and a Book Geek. We're both Politics Geeks and Apple Geeks. So...there's common ground. Who knew?

The book is full of pop culture references - most of which I knew, but some of which had me completely baffled. I guess I'm not quite as much of a geek as I thought. So while you're reading the advice of one (not so) single (anymore, I think) nerd to another, you'll be kept on your toes with references to Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Magic The Gathering, and just about anything else in Geekdom. There are even Doctor Who references! *swoon*

It's also adorable, visually speaking. Old video game graphics, all pixelated and fun, deck the pages and make you smile. It's the kind of book you love to hold and leaf through, you know?

As for the advice itself...well, again, I'm decidedly not single, and I haven't been single in many, MANY moons, so I can't say if it's good advice or not. I mean, it seems pretty solid (like: don't stare creepily at a girl before asking her out at your local comic book shop), don't get me wrong. As for the effectiveness...well, you'll have to give it a shot for yourself.

(Also, the advice is mostly tailored for those of you with a Y chromosome - yes, men, you - and though Eric argues it's mostly universal...ladies, don't listen to his fashion advice!!)

So. Do you want a laugh, at yourself or your geek-ish friends? Do you want to learn how to dress like Han Solo for your hot first date? And do you want to pick up that hot chick/dude at your local indie bookstore? Go there and 0ick up this book, now.

And since I'm nice and it's Eric's book birthday, let's celebrate with a giveaway!! I'll send my beautiful copy of THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO DATING to a fellow nerd who needs a leg up on the dating scene. All you have to do is leave a comment, tell me why you want it, and make me laugh. Assuming people play, I'll pick my favorite one!! So, ready...set...GO! Why do YOU need THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO DATING? (Must be in the US or Canada to play.)

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