December 12, 2013

A big fat THANK YOU: Phillip Phillips, The Bridge at 105.5 and Truphonic Recording Studio

Let me tell you a little story.

This past spring and summer, when Zoe and I were together all day, every day, during our homeschooling experiment, we listened to a LOT of music. Anytime we were in the car (which was often, since I'm not good at staying home all the time), our radio was on, and it was almost always tuned into my favorite local station: The Bridge at 105.5. We got to know the DJs (Box and Laura, Nikki, the Critic. And, more importantly, we got to know the music. A LOT of the music.

Certain bands came on all the time. Fun. The Lumineers. Of Monsters and Men. Phillip Phillips.

Yep. I said Phillip Phillips. As in, "that guy from American Idol." And you know what? His song, "Home," the one that won the show for him, was a favorite of ours. Whenever it came on we'd drop what we were doing and sing. Zoe and me. Together.

Fast forward six months. Zoe's been in kindergarten for a while, and I've been doing the "full time writer" thing for a while, too. We don't listen to music as much together anymore, but still. When it's just the two of us in the car (to and from school, mostly, but also when running errands and going places on weekends), we listen to The Bridge. New songs have become favorites, often by the same bands. Phillip Phillips' "Gone, Gone, Gone," and "Where We Came From" are on our rotation these days, and I'll be honest...every time I hear "Gone, Gone, Gone," I sing it to Zoe in my head. It makes me think of her, no matter where I am.

So when, on Monday, we were running after school errands, and I heard the Critic was going to give away tickets to a small, private recording session at Truphonic Recording Studio with Phillip Phillips later in the week, Zoe and I tuned in. We listened carefully for the cue to call, and when it came on, somehow I won tickets.

I'll be honest. I won them for her. I couldn't imagine going to the show with anyone else.

So the show was today, and - rebel mom that I am - I let her stay home from school for the full day. We made a gingerbread house this morning, then got ready to go.

We went to the radio station around 11, and from the start it was cool. Zoe was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people around, but everyone at the station - the DJs, the staff - was super-gentle and sweet to her. She wasn't the youngest (there was a baby there!!), but she was definitely the only kid her age, and no one seemed to mind.

We took the "Cool Bus" to Truphonic, which was trippy. It's a tricked out bus whose walls have been graffitied by countless other riders, and for the first time I wished Zoe couldn't read.

"Um, don't read those words, ok?" I said at one point, noting a bunch of F-bombs and, quite literally, a note which said, "For a good time call..." Hilarious, and nothing worse than a New York City kid would see on a subway wall every day, but still. Um. I wish she hadn't read all that.

The Truphonic Recording Studio is like a little secret, all tucked away behind a liquor store here in West Ashley. The people there were super-cool, too. I chatted with an intern and his wife about mission work (she just got back from Nicaragua) and writing. Then I met Box, from the Box and Laura Show, and also (almost) Laura. They were so sweet and fun.

The show with Phillip Phillips was amazing. He sat with another guitar player named Errol Cooney and they talked and joked (very self-deprecating, that fella is), and he played two songs: "Gone, Gone, Gone," and "Where We Came From." He sounds as good in person as he does on the radio, which made me happy, and Zoe sat on my lap and together we listened to the songs we've loved together, and it was a fantastic thing. She was definitely shy and quiet, still, but she loved the music. So much.

After the show, we all lined up to get our pictures with Phillip Phillips (I can't call him Phil...we're not quite on a nickname basis, you know?), and again, Zoe was shy, but he was SO gentle with her. He asked her name, thanked her for coming, and even told her she looked pretty (she wore her Christmas dress - I thought about trying to convince her to wear her normal jeans and Chucks, but it would have been like arguing with a wall. She was determined to look "fancy."). Then we got a signed photo to take home, to remember our little journey.

This was a great experience. A fun experience. For me, and for my kid. I can't thank the people at The Bridge, Truphonics, and especially Phillip Phillips enough for all they did today. For some people I'm sure it was just a cool celebrity sighting. But for Zoe and me, it was about getting to listen to songs that mean something to us, in a cool setting, with very awesome people. So thanks, you guys! I won't ever forget it!

Phillip Phillips, sounding mighty awesome

Us!!! It was dark in the studio, and no flashes allowed, but still!!
Photo credit: Box!! :)

Zoe and her photo. She insisted I take this picture. 


Joni Shepherd said...

What a sweet touching story!! It was meant to be for you winning the tickets. You both were truly blessed and I'm so happy for you both :-)

Leah said...

Thank you so much! So nice of you to say! :)

Jane Anne Eason said...

Phillip has touched so many people in special ways. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

Leah said...

He definitely seems like a good guy!! No doubt he's going to do great things with his life! :)

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