October 16, 2013

Undead America: No Angels Release Date

Guess what! We have a release date for Undead America: No Angels!!

I've been purposely vague about the date as we've been working through final edits, file formatting and such, and now...I'm happy to announce...in a move sure to keep things moving along in a lovely, balancing way....

The release date of Undead America: No Angels is....


So on October 31st (a little over 2 weeks from now) Undead America: No Angels will be available for download directly from MuseItUp Publishing! Soon after that it'll be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  Remember: all e-reader formats are available at MuseItUp, and if you pre-order No Angels, you get a little discount. 

For those of you who tell me you've been waiting for part 2, I hope this is exciting news!! And when you read it, I hope you love it. And until then, thank you all so much for your continued support!!

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