October 21, 2013

rUNdead 5k This Weekend!!!!

Y'all! The rUNdead Charleston 5k zombie race is THIS WEEKEND! Saturday night, to be exact! And I will be there, selling paperback copies of Undead America: Zombie Days, Campfire Nights, and signing just about anything anyone might want signed! (Except private bits. Please. No private bits. This is a family friendly event.)

BUT....here's the skinny on the race, for those interested in attending.
  • The rUNdead Charleston 5k race will take place at the beautiful Wannamaker Park in North Charleston on Saturday, October 26th. "Gates" for the race will open around 2 (though the park's open all day), and the race will start at 5:00.
  • The race itself is a 5k (3.1 miles) over semi-rugged terrain, with zombies on the course to steal runners' flags. Runners get three flags to start. If they finish with a flag, they're eligible for timed awards; if all their flags are taken, they're not. Runners can get an additional flag with the contribution of some canned goods.
  • The race will benefit the Lowcountry Food Bank, which is about as good as it gets, cause-wise. 
  • There will be a "spectator fee" of $5 for those who want to watch, but if you bring 2 canned goods, that fee is waived. 
  • There's a zombie-station to fulfill your dreams of getting zombie-fied. I think they charge $5 for zombie-fication. Other costumes are also welcomed and encouraged.
  • For more info on the race itself, check out the Quarantine Protocol on the rUNdead web site.
AND...here's the skinny on my participation at the race, for those interested in hanging out with me.
  • I will have a booth set up at which I'll be selling my books, giving away post cards and bookmarks, and generally having fun. Some friends may stop by with their own books if they like, which would be VERY cool. I may also have yummy treats up for grabs...I DO love to bake!
  • I'll be there early (probably around 2) and do plan to stay late. Please drop by and say hi!
  • I won't be zombie-fied...not this time. Maybe next time. This time I want to meet people as myself, if that makes sense.
  • Zoe will be there, zombie-fied, and she'll hopefully be scaring up some business. Hahahahaha. I kill me.
OH! And after the race, they'll be showing World War Z on the big Cinebarre blow-up screen. We plan to stick around for that, too, so I hope to see you there!! Don't worry - we're sending Zoe home with her grandparents before the movie. :)

P.S. It looks like it's going to be chilly that night, so don't forget to bundle up!

P.S.S. The final installment of my rUNdead Origins piece on their blog will be up later this week! Don't forget to check it out!!

P.S.S. S. Hope to see you Saturday night! 


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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and the LG crew at the race! Congrats on SELLING EVERY BOOK THAT YOU TOOK TO THE RUN!

Leah said...

Awesome to see you too!! :D We had fun, didn't we? :)

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