September 5, 2013

Worlds War, Leah

This is not a serious blog post.

Instead, it's the tale of how last night I suddenly found myself baffled, confused, and uncertain about what book I was reading or even, let's be honest, where I was...

So let me set the scene.

Since Zoe began school, I've been hard at work writing and reading all the things. I'm editing my sci-fi novel, set on a far-flung planet populated with the coolest group of women I've ever had the pleasure of writing. I wrote a piece about World War II literature for LitReactor. I've also been reading the latest Jonathan Lethem novel, set in Queens, for a different LitReactor story. Plus, Zoe and I worked our way through a middle grade novel called The Kicks: Saving the Team. It's about middle school soccer players in California, written by US National Team player Alex Morgan. Zoe LOVED it. ( did I!!)

Yesterday, I worked on all of those things at varying points throughout the day. It all gets a little muddled and confusing at times. I spent hours working within the world of my own book, only to get mixed up in the politics of New York City for a while, and then I even read about a Quaker boarding school.

Last night, after finishing the soccer story with Zoe and reading the little inspirational Note from Alex at the end, I headed downstairs to veg out in front of the TV. Charles put on a Doctor Who episode that took place in the English countryside, 1913. So now, adding to all the worlds in which I'd spent my day, I suddenly had British accents and period costumes.

Plus, it was a long, exhausting day. I finally went upstairs to go to bed. I picked up my Kindle, and the Lethem book opened automatically.

I stared at the page.

I read some words.

I read them again.

And I realized, I had absolutely no idea what I was reading, where it was set, if a soccer ball was going to come flying off the page, or if a spaceship was about to land.


I had to put the book down. I had to look around.

Ok, I thought. I'm in a bed. I'm in my jammies. It must be bedtime. So that means, right now, I'm in the real world. 

I'm not kidding. I really had to think that.


So what book is this? Ok, it's on my Kindle. I usually only read review books on my Kindle. What book am I reviewing? Ok, that's the Lethem. So where does that take place?

I looked around again, one more time.

I took a deep breath.

Lethem's book. Ok. Not on a faraway planet. No aliens., either...I think. Ok, so that means...I'm in QUEENS!!!

I seriously wanted to throw a party. I'd found myself again! That said, although I did make it through some pages of the book, I still kept expecting the unexpected, and also, somewhat bizarrely, reading with a British cockney accent.

I mean, I guess it's a job hazard, right? Reading/writing/thinking all day is bound to get you muddled sometimes, right?


Ok, where am I again? Who said that? What's going on??????


Jennifer R. Donohue said...

It is a job hazard, I agree! I've found myself looking at a book page, or a blog post, and going "I have no idea what's supposed to be doing on here." Or I have a brain fart at work (the library), and upon recovery, say "Who are you people and why are you in my house?"

Leah said...

Ha! That makes me feel a lot better! :D Thanks!!!

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