July 1, 2013

The Zombie Project!!!

A few weeks ago, a writer-friend of mine tagged me in a Twitter post. "Want to be part of this?" she asked, and she used the hashtag #TheZombieProject.

Well, you know me and zombies, right? Count me in on just about anything!

So I raised my hand, met some new friends, and thus, The Zombie Project was born!

The brainchild of a super-cool girl called Chynna-Blue, the idea is to amass a group of writers and write a chain of zombie-tales. Each story has to take a piece of the story posted before it...and write a new story using it. Then the next person in line takes a piece of THAT story, and so on and so forth...

And since every story has to be about zombies...it should be pretty damn fun.

We'll be using the hashtag #TheZombieProject to talk it up on Twitter, and stories will go live weekly on Chynna-Blue's blog. The "origin" story posted yesterday - go check it out if you have a few minutes to read about zombies!

My story won't go up until October, but there will be great stories to read between now and then. It's a fun project with cool people, and I hope you take a few to check it out each week! I know I will!

Logo by Catherine Scully

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