July 14, 2013

Back to the soapbox, sort of...

Sheesh. I've been neglecting this blog lately, haven't I?

So much has happened in the world in the past few weeks, and I've not made a single comment here. Not a one. I'm sort of mad at myself, butI swear I've had a ton of stuff going on.

Excuses, excuses...

Part of my silence has had to do with the fact that I'm doing lots of *other* writing these days. I finished editing (for the third or fourth time) my book, JO, and now I've dived right into my sci-fi, THE MOTHERS CLUB. I'm in love with this book, but haven't had anywhere near the time to devote to it that I'd like. I'm comforting myself with the knowledge that Zoe and I are pretty much back to routine starting this week, and come August 21st I'll have lots of time on my hands when she starts kindergarten. It'll be a Writing and Editing Frenzy up in here. But more on (sniff) kindergarten later...

I've also been steering clear of soapboxy issues, even here, because I've got a yucky taste in my mouth right now regarding the Internet and my own opinions. I've done a few columns over at a local paper, and it's been my experience that (with some few key exceptions), people comment on those columns with the sole intent of being mean and nasty. I know enough by now to ignore them - honestly, I don't even read them - but I've been questioning whether or not to even put myself out there as fodder, you know? Is it worth it, the whole "freedom of speech" and "getting paid to write" stuff, if it just means people are going to be complete jerks to me?

I'm not sure....and I'm evaluating that question as I type.

Still, though. This blog has always been my safe place, my little slice of heaven in the world of the interwebs. The only time I've seen nastiness here was when I wrote a nice letter about my ex-employer...a couple people left anonymous douchey comments, and since they were anonymous I felt no need to publish them. Maybe that's cheating, maybe not, but it's my blog. I make the rules.

Anyway, I've been missing my little happy place, and I've had a bunch to think about lately, so I think it's time to come back here and have a chat.

And there's so much to chat about, isn't there?

It occurred to me today that I never even commented here on the overturning of Proposition 8 and DOMA! What was I thinking? Those are issues that are sooooo key to me, and I basically ignored the best news I've heard in ages. Ugh. I'm sorry. Please know that on the day the news broke of those decisions, I was hanging out on the beach with my kid and some of our closest friends, and no lie...I did a happy dance. Like, a big, bouncy, jumpy happy dance...while wearing a bathing suit. That's not meant to be a pretty image. That's meant to let you know that I was SO HAPPY I stopped caring about what I looked like in a bathing suit and just...danced.

So yay. There's still SO MUCH more work to do to ensure equality for everyone in this country, but that day we took a big leap forward.

And then...there's that other case...you know the one....it was decided last night. That case....sucks. No matter how you look at it, no matter what decision was made, there was no way for justice to ever be served. Not when the media has sensationalized the case to the point that there was no possibility of having a fair jury. Not when we all formed our own opinions a year ago, when the story first broke about a boy, a gun, and a bag of Skittles.

A boy is dead. The man who killed him is free. But no matter what that jury decided last night, there would never be a happy ending to that case. Not for anyone whose life it touched. 

I just hope things stay calm down there in Florida, and across the country. Because we can't seek justice with more senseless violence, can we?

So, ok. Some slight opinions here. I promise to stop neglecting this space, and to remember that I have a voice, and I can use it, and that some people out there actually enjoy reading what I have to say.

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