June 17, 2013

You guys! World War Z comes out this week!!

At first, I resisted. I wrote a zombie book (ok, so far I've written two), but so what. That doesn't mean I need to define myself by zombies.

But then....well, let's face it. I love zombies. They let me write my first book, and they'll always have a special place in my heart.

I don't go to movies much - I still haven't seen Warm Bodies, though I am dying to - but it doesn't matter. I'm going to see World War Z in the theaters somehow! I have to see it.

I didn't love the book, if I'm being honest with you. The way it jumps from character to character with very few recurring people left me with no emotional connection to anyone, so I hardly cared about what happened.

But the movie seems to have given me no less than Brad Pitt about whom to care, and I say....long live Brad Pitt! And long live the zombie genre!!

I plan to watch this trailer daily until I can go see the movie.

And for you, dear readers, if you need a book to whet your zombie appetite, let me know. I think I can probably recommend a few...


S.K.Falls said...

Ooh, I totally want to see this AND Warm Bodies! Take meeee! (Jumping up and down like Donkey.) :D

Leah said...

That is quite possibly the best idea I've heard all day (aside from Hello Kitty Jelly Bellies)!

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