May 23, 2013

More on nature...

A few weeks back I posted this essay about nature reclaiming man-made items, especially here in the deep south. I meant it as sort of a hint that, no matter what happens in this world, all the craziness around us...nature will always win in the end.

It was one of my better-received posts....people commented and shared it on Facebook (cool!!!), and I even received a few emails about it. Now I have a bit of a follow-up.

An old (so old...he's four whole months older than me!!) friend of mine has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past year. He emailed me after the essay went up, saying how over there, old Soviet tanks and the other detritus of war have become part of the desert landscape. They're rusted out and falling apart, never to run again, but now they provide shade and homes for desert creatures. Sand piles around them, altering but no longer destroying the land they once tried to dominate.

It's an interesting addition to my argument. These tanks are old, but they're not falling apart like things do here. But still, they become part of their world, integrated into the sand dunes and mountains.

I had thought this was a fairly southern phenomena, this nature-taking-back thing. I thought it was the humidity, the swampy air, the overgrown jungles of our forests. But no, it's everywhere, with each different climate doing its best to take back the things man has left behind.

Photo credit: Shawn Brennan

Photo credit: Shawn Brennan

To paraphrase my buddy, let's hope the Americans leave less trash when we go...

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