May 28, 2013

Author Interview: Olivia Mayfield

I love Twitter. For writers, Twitter is a font of information. Agents, editors, publishers, spend their time tweeting about what they're seeking. Other writers talk about their projects, both in progress and released to the world. And it's a great place to find new books, new authors, and new friends.

I first heard of Olivia Mayfield's new novel, Ten Days, on Twitter. It caught my attention because it's a romance built up around the core of an old E.M. Forster sci-fi short story. I love the idea of taking something you've loved, and adding to it. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, for example. 

Here, Mayfield goes the opposite direction - instead of adding in the horror or sci-fi element, she adds in the emotional element sometimes lacking in our genre. She adds love. It's a fun concept, and I was happy when Olivia agreed to stop by the blog and chat about her books, her adoration of my favorite Christmastime movie, Love, Actually, and blue food.


LR: First off, congrats on the release of Ten Days, your New Adult/sci-fi/romance! Whew! What a blend! It’s based loosely on a short story by E.M. Forster. So, what caught your fancy first – the sci-fi aspects of your story, or the romance? What gets more attention in the novel?

OM: Thank you! The original story is pure science fiction. But as a lover of romance, I thought, what happened if you had two people who fell in love in this story? Where love is considered uncivilized…and not only that, but their world was falling apart around them? The exterior plot was there in Forster’s short story, and I wanted to layer in more human emotion. That first awakening of love and sexuality and individuality. Hence, the start of my story.

LR: It’s a cold world in which Cally, your narrator, lives, isn’t it? No human physical contact, few actual interactions. What do you think – are we headed in that direction as a society? I sometimes think it’s creepy how some of the old sci-fi stories and movies now seem so…possible. 

OM: In some ways? Yes. Our world may be “smaller” than ever, but we spend an awful lot of time staring at a screen for our interaction. I miss face-to-face conversations. I’m not sure we may go this extreme, to the point where there is little to no interpersonal interaction, but we are losing some of those nuances that you just can’t experience through a computer/phone/tablet.

LR: Can you tell me something cool about Cally, something you absolutely love about her?

OM: Oh, good question. I love that Cally finds her strength, despite her fear. Courage has nothing to do with never being afraid. It’s doing what you need to do anyway, in spite of your fear.

LR: How about Marshal, the love interest? What about him draws Cally to him, to the point where she is willing to defy the Machine?

OM: I think Marshal helps draw Cally out into the forgotten world of emotion. He shows her she doesn’t need to be ashamed of how she feels. That she should embrace it.

LR: What’s been the most exciting part of this book’s release for you? Any fun emails from readers or cool comments from other writers?

OM: People have told me they read the book in 1 sitting. Wow—that just makes me smile all day thinking about it. 

LR: What’s next on your writing agenda? 

OM: I have an adult mystery romance series I’m working on! Finishing the last novella now. It’s titled The Inheritance. It comes out in the fall with Berkley. :D

LR: When writing, are you an outliner, or a seat-of-your-pantser?

OM: I have to outline or I’m a hot mess. Lol. I outline everything, scene by scene.

LR: OK, favorites time! First off, do you have any childhood favorite characters, like a boy character on whom you had a crush? Mine’s Calvin O’Keefe from A Wrinkle in Time. :D

OM: My first big crush was on Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Haha. He’s so awful and spiteful and cruel…and yet life made him that way. And Jane helps him drop those walls and be vulnerable, to find love again. *swoon*

LR: Favorite book(s)?

OM: I don’t think I can pick just one, lol. But Jane Eyre is definitely one of my all-time classic favorites.

LR: Favorite movie(s)?

OM: Ah, it depends on my mood. If I’m looking for something that kicks a little ass, I go to Kill Bill. Romance, I watch Love Actually. 

LR: Favorite music to listen to while writing?

OM: I pick music based on mood. In general I like orchestrated stuff, unless I need angst. Then, I may put on Coldplay. lol

LR: And finally, anything else you just feel like sharing? Could be anything – favorite ice cream, a random story from your day, whatever!

OM: I don’t like blue food. I know, it sounds weird, but I can’t make myself eat it. 

LR: Thanks so much for stopping by!!

OM: YAY, thank you for having me over!!! :D


For more about Olivia, visit her at her web site or on Twitter!

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