April 18, 2013

Blog? Me? Oh hi!

Oh! Hey everyone! Good to see you! It seems I've been neglectful of my little space in the internet-world of late, only posting things like interviews and book reviews and forgetting that some people just like to sit down and have a chat every so often.

So here I am with a glass of wine and my comfy clothes on, just saying hi, catching up on the past month or so.

Welp, it's been a sad week, first and foremost. I may or may not have a post coming up later this week about it, elsewhere - if it doesn't go up I'll post it here. Suffice to say, as a runner and a person, Boston about broke my heart. I ran a half-marathon back in December (much lower profile, of course), and the thought that something could have happened there is terrifying and sad and makes me feel a little sick. 

And now a tragedy in Texas too? It's too much to contemplate right now.

So that's on my mind. Of course that's on my mind.

But I want this to be a happier post. A post of positives. A post to take a break from all that fear and sadness and, like I said, just chat.

Do you have some wine too? Yes? Great.

Ok, cool. Well, first and foremost, staying home with Zoe has been an adventure thus far. I'll be honest and admit here and now that I was frightened by the prospect of keeping her home with me for the six months before kindergarten begins, but I have to say: we've had a lot of fun so far. We're still chugging along with school, but it's more "school of life-y" than actual lessons, most of the time. Sometimes we do worksheets and all, but we do a lot of going places and seeing things and really just...talking. (God, the talking does get to be a bit much sometimes, and I do run out of words and patience by bedtime, but still...) 

I feel like I'm measuring my life in her milestones right now, which is a new and not terrible experience in and of itself. It's good to not be the center of my own word for a change. So, here's what we're looking at in terms of her milestones:

1. She can read basic books (think Dr. Seuss) with very little help from me. We have a list of books she reads to me. When we reach 20, I'll take her to her favorite place - Yum Yum Yogurt.

2. Don't tell her I told you this, Internets, because it's TOP SECRET to her, but today we took the training wheels off her bicycle! We're definitely still working on it, and she's more than a little unsteady on two wheels, but it was all her idea and she's so brave it blows my mind. Seriously, she took one tumble today that had her almost landing on her face, and she hopped right up. "I'm ok," she said, more to herself than to me, and she shook like a little puppy and climbed right back on again. The proverbial getting-back-on-the-horse, and she didn't even need prompting.

I think that's it for Miss Z for now. She and I are off next week to drive my mother-in-law up to my sister-in-law's in North Carolina. I'm looking forward to it - my sis-in-law's one of my besties - and I know we'll all have a nice time.

Alright. You wanna hear a little bit about me, and the other things I have going on?

Well, in the first place, I totally freaked out when I realized I HAD NO INCOME ANYMORE!!! Seriously, I've held some job or other since I was 16 years old, and suddenly the thought of not having my own cash made me want to puke. And it's not like Charles is stingy with cash, by any means. I just needed...my own. 

So that's when I started writing for The Charleston City Paper, and that's been an awesome and incredible experience thus far. Clearly I'm not doing it for the money, because nobody gets rich working for a small city paper, but I do love it. I get to go to the theater, art shows, and I get to blab about whatever strikes my fancy in occasional columns. It's a win-win, as far as I'm concerned.

And, well, this is TOP SECRET to me, but I'm working on a new book. It's something I love. I can't remember if I've talked about it here or not, but whatever. I'm having so much fun I'll talk about it here and now (and maybe again). 

This new book is straight-up sci-fi, set in a city under siege on a faraway planet. All the men have gone to war, and a group of mothers struggles to keep their families alive and fed and thriving in the most hostile of environments. There are aliens, old foes, a government that can't be trusted...it's been so much fun to write, I think I'll just keep going and going and going on it for a while. Because the end? Yeah, I have no idea when that'll be, nor what it'll be, so I'll just keep on exploring...for now. And we'll see what comes of it.

And I'll leave you with this - possibly the best photo EVER taken of me EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. I credit my husband and his amazing photography skills. Because really? It's super-cool.

So that's about that, and I hope you've enjoyed reading. I also hope you're having a lovely evening, and that someone today tells you that they love you. G'night!

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