March 13, 2013

Special guest post: Zoe Rhyne

Full-time mom-ing is keeping me way busier than I ever could have expected.

But it's more fun, too. I'm getting to know my child on a whole new level, getting to hear all the funny things she says, and getting some time to be with her and just...breathe.

It really is a gift.


Today, while I was attempting to clean the house, Zoe kept interrupting to tell me all about the scary witch who does terrible things to her whenever my back is turned. Then she told me about the good witch who helps right all these terrible wrongs. 

Her descriptions were more vivid than usual, and she began to outline a basic plot. So when I was done vacuuming, we sat down at my computer to get her story told.

The following is what came of it (I mostly asked questions and transcribed). I hope you enjoy. I know I had fun listening to her tell the tale.
Witch-Witch and Eclair
by Zoe Rhyne (age 4) 

Once upon a time, there was a bad witch. Her name was Witch-Witch. She had gray skin, black hair, green eyes, and lots of wrinkles. Her hands were claws with sharp points and she didn’t wear underwear or pants. Instead, she wore a long, black cape.

Witch-Witch liked to make people look like herself. She sneaked into a child’s room at night and in the day, whenever the child was alone, and she made them drink a dark green potion. It tasted like there were boogers in it. It was very slimy, and there were worms and blood and mud in it. Also, there were poop, pee, peaches, frog parts, and zebras in the potion. It was really yucky, but it smelled like lemonade so kids would drink it. She made the potion in her castle.

After a child drank the potion, they turned to look like Witch-Witch, and then she took them away to her castle. There, she tried to make them drink more potion, but then they said no.

This was when the good witch, Éclair, would come. She was beautiful. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She wore a pink dress and she remembered to wear her underwear and pants.

When Éclair came to the rescue, she turned the child back to themselves, and together, they raced away back home. To do this, Éclair turned herself and the child invisible.

But then they would go to other people’s houses, so they wouldn’t get much sleep. But they would be safe, all through the long, dark night.
The end.


Dino Parenti said...

She had me at pantless, and hooked me in with boogers. I shall be giggling all day at this. Most impressive for a five (???) year old:)

Leah said...

If I made anyone laugh, the point of this post was accomplished. I was DYING inside when she was dictating, but she was VERY serious - this is super-scary to her! But I loved it so much I had to share. :D

w_layne_h said...

brilliant! a potion with boogers and poop and pee. sounds like your dream beverage!

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