January 8, 2013

Recently Asked Questions

Wait, what? I have a blog? Where I should, like, write things? 

What the hell??

Ok, so last week was a little busy. Or...a lot busy. Finishing editing a book, taking care of a sick kid....it was a bit crazy.


So today I remembered that I run a blog and should post things. I have nothing on the schedule for this week, so I'm going to answer some questions I find myself answering more and more frequently these days...about books, career, etc. If you have any other questions you'd like answered, feel free to post 'em in the comments and I'll do my best to answer.


How's the book selling?

Yeah. So that question always catches me off guard, to tell you the truth. I don't think it ever occurred to me that people would ask! BUT....I will say...it's selling about as well as a debut author who has no marketing experience can expect to sell. Slow, reasonably steady, with much room for improvement. I've enlisted the help of a friend for some PR work, though, so we'll see what she and I can drum up.

That being said, I still LOVE my book, LOVE my cover, LOVE everything about this whole experience. I get random tweets and comments sometimes from people, telling me how much they love it. My Amazon reviews are all awesome so far.  And those are the things you absolutely can't measure in dollars and cents.

Seriously. It's amazing.

When's part 2 coming out?

I will admit....I can do cliffhangers. People want to know what happens to Sam and Jenna and Lola in the next book.

Well. Last Friday, at 10:30 pm, I finished my round of Big Edits on Book 2. I sent it to my brother and my husband for them to do a first pass/thumbs up/thumbs down read. I rely on the two of them - they are honest and fast.

If they approve, I'll do another round of edits (based on their suggestions). Then I'll send it on to my publisher to see if she wants it. 

So really, only time will tell. I do promise: it will be published in some fashion. I won't leave my readers hanging...for too long.

So what's next?

Yay. Next. I'm so excited...tonight I start work on a new book. I wrote a few thousand words on it a few months back, but then got tied up in Undead America edits. It's straight-up sci-fi, with aliens, a planet in peril, and a group of mothers in a city under siege, just trying to keep their children safe.

I have it outlined. I'm so excited to write it I might asplode.

So yes. Next. We shall see how it all comes together.

Whatcha reading these days?

Well. Lots of stuff. But I'm most excited to really dig into a beta read of a friend's YA novel. Seriously people - I've read the first few chapters and it's really, REALLY good. I'm psyched about it.

More about that a little bit later into her process. I know I'll be hosting her here someday soon.

Can I do anything to help you?

Sure! Please! If you read/enjoyed my book, tell someone. Word of mouth is the number one biggest seller of ebooks these days. People don't want to spend money on a book by an unknown author. But if they know YOU, and you enjoyed my book, they'll buy it.

And then I'll owe ya!


So that's about it for now. Thank you for reading; I appreciate everyone's interest and support and love and hugs and high-fives. 

This has been a ride so far. Can't wait to see where it all goes in the future!!



Jonathan said...

I'm on page 135 of book 2 and should have it back to you by friday!

Leah said...

Hahaha, no rush. I'm not in a hurry! I promise! :)


(Does everyone else still call their big brother Buttface sometimes???)

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