January 2, 2013

Author Interview: Adriana Ryan

In late November, I was excited to take part in the cover reveal of my friend Adriana Ryan's upcoming novel, World of Shell and Bone

Now, the book has released, to great reviews and even greater sales! I'm so excited for my friend, and am happy to host her back here, for a fun author interview. 

Read on to learn more about the book, Adriana herself, and from whence her story came.


LR: First, congrats on the release of World of Shell and Bone – looks like the world of Amazon LOVES it so far! What’s been the most exciting part of this release for you? What’s been the most surprising? 

AR: Thanks! It’s been received so much better than I’d expected, and either that shows (a) my sad lack of optimism or (b) how beyond awesome readers really are. It actually probably shows both. 

The most exciting part was probably when I got my first reader email telling me how awesome World of Shell and Bone is, and how much she loved it. That was a huge high point. In fact, I still haven’t come off that cloud. I admit, I saved that email. Yes, I am a nerd! 

The most surprising thing has to be how many people are connecting with the book. When I wrote it, I was sure that my immediate family would love it (because, let’s face it, they sort of HAVE to), but I wasn’t sure how much widespread appeal it would have. Plus, you’re always hearing agents say that the dystopian market is dead and that readers don’t want to read about that anymore. So, yeah, I’m totally blown away by the interest in the subject matter. 

LR: Tell me something about Vika Cannon (great name, by the way) that I don’t know from reading the book description on your website. 

AR: Thank you! I had so much fun picking character names. Hmm, something cool about Vika is that she loves cooking. You wouldn’t get that from reading the description, but it’s true. She could’ve been a chef in another life. 

LR: Now tell me something fun about Shale, Vika’s assigned Husband. 

AR: Ah, Shale. I love him. Something fun about him is that he could’ve been a poet. He’s a romantic at heart.

LR: What brought you to write/create this post-apocalyptic world? What are your influences? 

AR: I’m a huuuuge Margaret Atwood fangirl. When I read The Handmaid’s Tale, I was hooked. Utterly and completely hooked. That’s when the wheels really started spinning for Vika’s world. I wanted to do something that was, in some ways, the exact opposite of what Atwood did—I wanted women to be the ones in power. But the idea for a world that centered on procreation was born (pun intended!) after I read her work. 

LR: You have another book releasing soon, if I’m not mistaken (the first book in your Enlightened trilogy). What can you tell us about that book? And where you are in that release process? 

AR: Enlightened is a totally different book than World of Shell and Bone. It’s a humorous-ish urban fantasy with some really dark elements (I know, weird description, but that’s the best way I can think to describe it). It’s currently in line for cover art, and then it’ll be out sometime around February 2013.

LR: When you write, are you an outliner, or a seat-of-your-pantser? 

AR: I definitely have to have an outline. But I can’t deal with extremely detailed, 50-page outlines either. I like to have a loose outline of the major scenes (and/or scenes that I know just HAVE to be in there) before I write. I plot the small, in-between scenes as I go, in Scrivener, which I would marry if I could. 

LR: Were there any characters in literature who you looooved as a kid? Had a crush on, even? My example for me is Calvin O’Keefe from A Wrinkle in Time – I loooooved him. 

AR: Oh man, so many! I absolutely had a crush on Sir Percy from The Scarlet Pimpernel, which I read in eighth grade. I really had trouble coming to terms with the fact that he was fictional. I also loved Roald Dahl as a younger kid—I read Boy in fourth grade and thought he must’ve been such a fun person to be around! 

LR: And now we’ve reached the “favorites section.” All-time favorite movie? 

AR: This is hard, but probably Man on Fire (the 2004 version). Denzel Washington was so, so good and I bawled like a baby. 

LR: All-time favorite book? 

AR: Ack, if the movie question was hard, this is impossible! I can’t possibly pick just one. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult among others. 

LR: All-time favorite album/band/music? 

AR: This is easier because I’ve never been a huge music buff. It takes a lot for me to really connect with a piece of music. That being said, one of my favorites is Priscilla Ahn’s album, A Good Day. 

LR: OK, now: is there any question you’ve not been asked in an interview that you’re dying to answer? If so, here’s your venue to ask/answer – basically, tell us anything you’d like. 

AR: Since it comes up often, there is going to be a sequel to World of Shell and Bone. Right now I’m estimating it’ll be out around mid-2013. It’s going to be epic, I promise! :) 


Thanks, Adriana, for stopping by! For more info on Adriana, check out: 


Adriana Ryan said...

Thanks so much for having me over, Leah! This was fun! :D

Charlie Thiel said...

Great interview, you two. Adriana, I look forward to reading the book. Also, let me (as a photographer) give a thumbs up to your cover art - beautiful, intriguing, and sexy.

Adriana Ryan said...

Thanks so much, Charlie! :) I can't take credit for it, though. All credit goes to my cover designer, James (http://humblenations.com).

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