November 7, 2012

Guest post: Jason Halstead's Child of Fate

I met Jason Halstead on Twitter. It's funny how that happens, how you suddenly get to know someone based on 140-character posts. He writes sci-fi/fantasy, is entertaining, and we've both got new books out.

Seems like a great time to share my little blog-home with him, and I think you'll enjoy what he has to say!

Welcome, Jason! I hope you enjoy your stay here!


What Could Happen? 

High fantasy has long been the realm of wizards, warriors, witches, demons, and dragons. Great stuff for the typical sword and sorcery junky. It's a genre rife with violence and romance, as well as fantastical feats and creatures that give the genre it's name. Child of Fate is the first book in a new series called the Blades of Leander that joins the busy ranks of this genre. 

Since the earliest days of fantasy story telling writers have struggled with originality. Child of Fate spins away from epic storylines and introduces a young boy who doesn't understand himself, let alone what the world has to offer an adventurous young lad. 

Fate intervenes by way of goblin raiders that leave his father injured and their remote farm in danger. Alto, the young man, must venture into the wilds to seek help for his father. Along the way he encounters both new friends and foes, as well as a few people who seem capable of earning both titles. There are surprises aplenty as well, including a fearsome troll in search of a new friend. 

What sets the Blades of Leander series apart from established and traditional fantasy isn't the twist on storylines that date back to the days of Robert E Howard's Conan and Kull pulp fiction—everyone does that. Child of Fate established complex and strong characters, the kind of people a reader can identify with and care for. They're not unstoppable super-heroes, they've got quirks, fears, and weaknesses to overcome. Sure, they have their talents and strengths, but these characters answer the questions we often ask ourselves about what would we do if we were trapped in a mine overrun by monsters. Okay, maybe not everybody asks that question, but you have to admit that you're wondering about it now. 

Why not find out what could happen? Pick up your copy of Child of Fate at any of these sites: 

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