October 21, 2012

Undead America: Updates

Happy Sunday night, everyone!

I have some updates to make about the book and events and all kinds of craziness.

I have to say...I am overwhelmed right now.

But....overwhelmed in the most amazing, happiest way possible. My friends and family (and strangers, too!) have been SO supportive of me and the book and it's really been incredible. I posted a link to where it will live on my publisher's web site, and had a BUNCH of people share on Facebook - thank you all!! And the number of likes and reads and blog hits....it's insane!! I appreciate it so much!

I have a lot going on, book-wise.  Things to capture here, on the blog, include:

1. Release date: October 31, 2012!!!!!!!!!!! The main thing I know about that date is...I took the day off from work. I plan to go for a LONG run that morning (training for a half-marathon in December and if I can do 11 or 12 miles I'll be SO HAPPY) and then I will park my butt in front of the computer for the day.  It will be fun...and not at all stressful, I swear.  (The reality is I'll probably clean my house from top to bottom while I attempt to NOT look at the listing of my FIRSTBOOKOHMIGOSHICANTBELIEVEIT!!!)

2. It will initially be sold here, with Amazon and other links to follow. It is an e-book only, so get your Kindles, Nooks, phones, and computers ready! (FYI: you don't need a Kindle or Nook to read an e-book - there are all kinds of free apps for phones and computers of all shapes and sizes!)

3. I will be running the rUNdead 5k this coming Saturday. We did not get shirts, but we will hopefully have postcards to pass out with info about Undead America. My big brother and several good friends will also be running for their lives with me...and I am not above tossing them to the zombies. Hopefully, though, we'll all survive long enough to go out for some drinks afterwards.

4. My 4-year-old would like to come to the race. She wants to wear zombie-make-up. I think her logic is along the lines of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," but it could also be "make-up is super cool in all forms." That said, since she's currently refusing to go to sleep because she had a "scary thought" in which a witch was in our (non-existant) basement, stealing our carpet...a zombie race might not be the best environment for her right now.

5. The inexhaustible Charlie Thiel is hard at work on our book trailer - I will share links when it's available. I can't wait to see how it turns out! (Award-winning, I'm sure!)

6. I created a book page on Facebook - if you are so inclined, please go there and give it a "like." I hear that's a good thing... 

7. I'm sure there are other things. My to-do list keeps growing instead of shrinking, and I swear...are they days getting shorter? What the heck?

8. I never posted my "Happy Zombies" photo of my dad and me.  Enjoy.

Life is crazed, but it's ALL GOOD and I'm excited and I have the most beautiful cover and the edits to my book have been great and seriously - this is so much fun I can't even begin to describe it!

Have a great week, if I don't talk to you before the next one!


Adriana Ryan said...

Congrats, Leah!!!! :D I'm so excited for you!!!! Halloween is the perfect release day--taking the day off is a solid plan. :D Squee!!!!! (And I had to laugh at the little's "bad thought"--so cute!!)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Release dates are so awesome. Your cover is excellent. Big congrats, Leah. No wonder you're excited!

Leah said...

Thanks ladies - Adriana knows I'm beside myself with excitement, it's true! Thank you both for stopping by and leaving comments! :)

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