September 19, 2012

The Unchained Tour: Performer Trivia

Ok, people. It's no secret: I'm super-pumped for The Unchained Tour, which makes a stop with it's awesome school bus here in Charleston this coming Friday! 

If you don't already have your tickets, they're definitely still for sale. I get all prepped and ready for the event and the after-party, I thought it was time to have some Google time with the speaker/performers, to see what tidbits of info I can share with you about who's coming to see us.

I hope you enjoy!


Peter Aguero: A writer, performer and musician, Peter's from my neck of the woods (Jersey), only he's from the southern part of the state, where the Jersey Devil lives and where people inexplicably cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles (*shudder*). I'll try not to hold that against him, though, because I didn't see any proof of his affinity for that dreaded team. 

The most interesting tidbit I found about Peter came from this interview, in which he discusses the twin sibling he apparently "engulfed" while inside his mother's womb.  (*shudder again*)

A seasoned professional, Peter's seems like he's going to offer a raucous time.   

Dawn J. Fraser:  Ok, so not only is Dawn super-pretty, but she's super-smart, too, having graduated from HARVARD with a Master's degree in Public Policy, which is amazing to me.  She's now a humorist, storyteller and public speaker. Sort of sounds like an amazing life, no?

It seems as though Dawn is also a twin, only hers made it out of the womb unscathed.

My favorite thing about Dawn is that she highlights her favorite causes (the Chantal Paydar Foundation, Art in Action, and Global Leadership Adventure) prominently on her web site. I think it's about time I do something like that on my own site as well! Thanks for the suggestion, Dawn!

Neil Gaiman: Alright, it's possible Neil Gaiman is up there on my list of Coolest Writers Ever. Seriously, follow the guy on Twitter and you won't be disappointed. Plus he's married to Amanda Palmer, and I have it on good authority that she's amazing in her own right (I've just begun dabbling in Amanda Palmer Land). 

My new favorite tidbit about Neil? His first book was about Duran Duran.  Don't lie - you know you want to read it!

I don't believe that Neil Gaiman is a twin.

George Dawes Green: Here's another successful writer/novelist/performer in the group. George's books have been made into movies starring people like Samuel L. Jackson (yeah....that's freaking cool) and Demi Moore.  

The coolest thing about George is that he actually founded The Moth, a live storytelling organization that appears in cities around the country.  The name came from his childhood, spent on a small island off the coast of Georgia (state not country), when he'd stay up late telling stories, and moths would gather around the lights.

I love this. Plain and simple. Beautiful image, great organization.

Edgar Oliver:  Ok, ok, I know in my last post I called him the "weird guy" who shows up on the show Oddities from time to time...I beg forgiveness. It's a show I love, and I always am happy to see him on there. So my initial reaction was really due to excitement, and trust me: in my world, "weird" is a compliment.

But a quick Google search of Edgar Oliver reveals an incredible resume. Plays he's written! Plays in which he's acted! Books of short prose and poetry he's given us! The man's a living legend of downtown New York City, and he draws crowds wherever he goes!

And not only that: this year he was written up in Vanity Fair! Incredible. It's entirely possible I might be more excited to see him than anyone else. 


Ok. Have you bought your ticket yet? If not...WHY NOT?  GO!  Do it NOW!! Let it be so!


DFrizzle said...

Thanks for the Unchained Tour shout out, Leah!! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the section of my website with the causes I support- hopefully they shed some light on my journey as both a storyteller and human rights advocate... Oh yeah, and the 'pretty' comment made me blush. :) Your too kind. Hope you enjoyed yourself at the show!

Leah said...

Dawn! Hi! Thanks for commenting!! :)

We did have an amazing night at The Unchained Tour - I hope you all (y'all!) loved Charleston!! We were all so happy to have you!

I wrote up the event itself here, if you want to hear my after-thoughts:

(And if you don't feel like clicking over - YES!! I loved learning about your journey, and I really related. I grew up always hearing "You're Jewish? But you don't LOOK Jewish!" So on some level....I get it.)

Thanks again and nice to "meet" you! :)

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