September 17, 2012

Has everyone gone mad? A rant, I'll admit.


This has been a weird week, sanity-wise, don't you think?

First, mobs break out in the Middle East over a stupid, ignorant video produced here in the states. I understand followers of Islam everywhere being annoyed by the idiocy of a small group of filmmakers, but to take out that anger on innocent people in US Embassies? 

Yeah, I don't get that.

Also, if you wondered what the actors in the film were thinking, Neil Gaiman posted the story of one of them, a woman with whom he's worked in the past. It's a sad, almost terrifying read - do check it out if you have a moment.

That whole scenario makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and say, "Knock it off, people! Sticks and stones and all that!! This just makes everything WORSE!"

I also think the video should be burned...and I never say that lightly. You could have probably guessed I'm against all kinds of media-burning...'s always easy to ignore the news when it's happening "over there," which can frequently seem like an entirely different world.

So then, this morning I saw a much more local story about a man attacking a literary agent, possibly because she rejected his submission.




I read the article, and while it's possible that the attack was purely random and had nothing to do with this woman's chosen profession, something she Tweeted about the even made me almost fall over.

She'd received nasty-grams via email that morning, you see. 

"It was, she tweeted, '[t]he normal I hate you and I want you to die and I'll kill you.'" (Quote from article linked above.)


Ok, people, come ON. Are we writers really sending agents threatening emails when they reject us? REALLY?

Because I thought we were all supposed to be professionals here!

Seriously. Am I naive for thinking and HOPING that at least we could all treat each other with a little bit of dignity in this little writing world we've created for ourselves?

I've been rejected. Lots of times. ALL writers are rejected lots of times. It comes with the territory. It's PART of being a writer. The first time I was rejected I cried, but since then my skin's grown thick. Leather-like, even. It's just part of my job.

Look. This event is nowhere near the scope of the events of the Middle East. That's obvious. It's just...I can't STAND people acting so irrationally.  It makes me ill.

So if you ever wonder why I write horror and sci-fi, and create these crazy worlds for my characters to inhabit, here's your answer: I can't stand the irrational, crazy acts of our real world. I'd much rather create my least then I have a little control.

In short: STOP THE INSANITY, PEOPLE!! Treat each other how you'd like to be treated!  It's the freaking golden rule!!!



Adriana Ryan said...

*Le sigh* I hear you. It's crazy. The world has gone wild! (Reference: Mean Girls, but adapted to fit this situation.) Sometimes I wish I could unread the things I've read on the news.

NsL said...

It just proves the old saying...fact is usually stranger than fiction. How could anyone even make these news stories up?

Leah said...

Seriously, ladies. Sometimes I just want to lock my family and myself in a room somewhere and hope that the world doesn't explode while we're safe in our little spot. Makes me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I can see through all the make-up and goo. So you can guess just who I am...

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