August 20, 2012


'scuse me.  That was only the sound of total relief, uttered by me last night as I finished a round of on-paper edits on my latest novel.

Seriously. I set it down and said, "Ahhhhh."'s been a long haul for this one.

I always edit on paper. It's important to edit on paper. Writers know this. You can see things on paper, laid out on pages, better than you can on a screen. I catch more on paper than I ever can on a screen.

But this time? It took a while.

I took my time. I read and re-read each page, crossing-out and rewriting with abandon. Seriously. My pages were covered in minute writing that I'll maybe one day be able to read (with a magnifying glass); arrows criss-crossed from top to bottom, margin to margin; X's covered full paragraphs and, in one startling move, three full pages.

I wasn't messing around.

And it took a forever!

So long, in fact, that I started to think it would never end.  I got fed up, frustrated. I have other stories I want to work on, you see, and yet my own sense of self-discipline, however misdirected, won't let me move onto something new when I'm immersed in the old. So I kept at it, my hands covered in ink-blots and papercuts.

So when I reached the page that said "The end" last night, I wanted to throw a little party.

Tonight? Tonight I get to start manually adding all those changes into my manuscript. Should be tedious...and fun. I swear! I'm not just saying that to convince myself! (I'm totally just saying that to convince myself). 

But when I finish that, I'll finally be able to hand this crazy book off to a handful of my most trusted readers. I can't wait to hear what they think!


In other writing news:

  • It seems we're still on track for an October-ish release of my first novel. It's still tentatively titled HOW TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, but I'm still not in love with that title. Still, I love the book itself, and have some fun things coming down the pipeline for it.  Like....a book trailer!! And an event!! At a Zombie Race here in Charleston!! Stay tuned for more info in the coming months!
  • I do seem to get writer's block when heavily immersed in editing. I never turn on my computer. I don't write blog posts; I don't write for Pink Raygun. I barely even email! This phenomena should pass this week as I'll once again be at my computer for the majority of the time I'm working.
  • I started my own little "idea bank" today, in which I briefly outlined three stories (one short, two novels) on which I want to work in the coming weeks and months. I'm not sure where I'll start, but once I finish getting these edits into the manuscript, I'll be generating new stuff! I can't wait!!! All are some mix of sci-fi and adventure stories - my favorite stuff to write. Yay!
  • And finally!! I got a Kindle!!!! I'm so excited about this I could just squeeze you! Yep, I really could! This allows me to support in a more concrete fashion some of my indie-writing pals, who mostly publish in the e-book sphere. It also allows me access to downloadable review copies from one of my favorite publishers, so I can read great books and hopefully write more reviews! In short, this is going to be awesome!! 
So there.  Huzzah and cheers and happy Monday evening!!


Jen said...

What? You didn't tell me you got a Kindle! (Did you?) I can imagine how bouncy it makes you =)

Adriana Ryan said...

Oooh, a Zombie Run in Charleston?! I am so there! I'm not a runner, but I could be one of the zombies!! :D

I hear you on editing...I recently wrote a blog post about that myself. I'm slogging through edits on a dystopian novel right now...eeerrrrggghhhh. (That's the sound of my brain grinding its reluctant wheels.)

Leah said...

Yes! Do come! I'll post more details here when plans come together!!

Mmm...dystopian novel....that'll pair well with my post-apocalyptic-zombie-dystopia....glad to have met you for SURE!

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