May 31, 2012


Almost three years ago, I said something weirdly prophetic to Charles.  

You know, I said. If I had my own computer, I'd write a book.

I think I meant it. Almost. Really. I had grand plans, but with no computer of my own, forced to bum Charles's rundown laptop whenever I wanted to do anything computer-oriented, I was dead in the water. 

A few months later, on Christmas, I opened a box which contained a small, pink netbook. I squealed. A computer! And it's piiiiiink!!!

Really. I did.

I told everyone I spoke to that day about my new, pink computer. It was my first ever computer of my very own. I loved it. 

When Charles told me he paid extra for the pink, I fussed at him. He said, All day long, you've squealed about your PINK computer. That's why I paid extra. 

Besides, he continued. All the pink ones include a donation to breast cancer research.

My eyes teared when he said that. That fall my mother had undergone a double-mastectomy, and I'd been with her through her recovery from breast cancer.  That...meant a lot.

To say the least.

Still. I didn't expect to become an actual, real writer.

I started slowly, blogging for Charles and then starting my own with a friend. I loved it, all of it, and then one day I realized I loved writing books, too.

My little pink netbook has seen me through a lot. Happy posts, sad posts, silly posts. Scary scenes, loving scenes, ridiculous scenes that get cut the next day. It's covered in stickers (although Snow White recently fell off, victim to a curious cat). Zoe has typed emails and "stories" on it.

And I've written almost three books on that little pink netbook.  

Sounds silly, but it's almost become a part of me. 


But time passes, and it's showing its age. The battery doesn't last as long. The processor has slowed immensely. It freezes, then sometimes shuts down on its own.

Charles has seen me struggle with my little pink netbook that I love so much. He's teased me, since he got a MacBook two years ago and has never looked back to PC Land.

Today I came home to find a shiny new MacBook Air on our dining room table. If you've seen one, you know - these things are works of art. It's gorgeous. It's fast. It boots in seconds.

You've been busting your ass, he said today.  You deserve this.

Thank you, I said, and I meant it. Wholeheartedly.

So far I've just browsed the internets on my new little MacBook. I am writing this post on it. Once I'm done, I'll boot up my little pink netbook and email myself some files, to get them moved over here. 

Then tomorrow I'll dig through work emails to remember how I purchased Word for the little pink netbook (we get a discount through our company). I'll load Word. I'll pull over more files.

Tomorrow I'll get back to work on my latest book.

Tomorrow I'll start to make new memories on my new little MacBook. Maybe I'll put a sticker on it. Maybe I'll splurge and buy it a pretty case. 

But tonight, I can't help but stare a little lovingly at the little pink netbook.

I can't help it. We've been through a lot together.

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So sweet! Nice going Charles!

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