May 21, 2012

My first attempt at writerly advice

Last night I sat at my computer, like normal. I hacked away at the keyboard, fighting with getting some wording just right in the chapter on which I worked. I was a little tired, maybe a little frustrated.

I hit the Save button, and thought about shutting down for the night.

It would have been a rough end to the day.

Instead, I started browsing some of my files. 

Know what I found?

  • Two novels written, one heavily edited, one in rough form. 
  • One novel in progress, possibly to be completed in rough form by the end of June.
  • Numerous short stories.
  • Several versions of a query letter, synopsis, author bio, etc.
  • Almost a hundred blog posts, some on writing, some on life, but all written.
  • Dozens of rejection letters, but one very important acceptance letter.
  • Lots of correspondences with fellow-writers, people from whom I've gained more knowledge than I ever knew I needed but now value above much else.
  • A handful of new friends.

Not a bad haul, considering I only started writing in earnest less than two years ago.

So, I decided to share my one piece of writerly advice. It's a good piece. It came to me by way of a great teacher.

If you want to be a writer, write. 

I get fatigued by the phrase "aspiring writer."  

If you're a writer, you write. 

Do you write? You're a writer.  Dammit.  Just do it.

Because the only way to be a writer is to write.

Do it.


Nadre said...

I think your interview inspired me because I've been sitting down to write every single day lately, which before it was more binge-writing whenever I could. But I mean, you have a child and still do it! That fascinates me for some reason- it's kind of hard to make excuses when there are people like you out there. And why would I want to make excuses anyway?? I actually enjoy writing!! I have to remind myself of that.

Courtney said...

Love this! Acceptance? WHAT? And you didn't tell me!!

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