May 29, 2012

In which I become "Zombie Girl"

It started about a month ago, back when I started talking more about my upcoming book, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Suddenly, people started sending me...zombie stuff!!

Well, maybe not stuff, per se, but links, photos and various stories about all things zombie.

At first, I wasn't sure what to do with it all. I mean, I write zombies. I'm not an actual zombie.

Then my husband bought me a new action figure. It was a Walking Dead Rick Grimes Blood Spattered Variant. (I kid you not. I can't make this up.) And then he ordered a zombie bobble head for me. Both now live in my cubicle at the office.

I wondered, at first. Will people think I'm weird? Being Zombie Girl isn't normal, right?

And then I realized I didn't care. I love it. Zombies give me the creeps. They give me nightmares. They also give me a way to explore some of the darker corners of humanity...the tendency to lose moral grounding, to kill, to give up those things we all hold dear.

It's a great nightmare to explore, no?

So now, let me say, with much enthusiasm and affection: I AM ZOMBIE GIRL.

Hear me...growl?

Here's a quick roundup of things that I'm following today that are zombie-related, just for your reading pleasure:

  • If anyone is NOT following this story about one man eating another man's face, they're crazy. Is this a sign of the impending Zombie Apocalypse? Will I sleep with my baseball bat close to my bed tonight? Maybe, and YES.
  • There was a Zombie Walk! In Brooklyn! If anything's gonna get me to abandon my newly placed Southern roots, this will! I so want to see what I'd look like as a zombie!
  • And finally...a scholar debates the implications of a zombie apocalypse on taxes. Since nothing in life is certain but death and taxes...when you throw one on its heel, how will the other have to change? It's a great question!

Thanks to all who've sent me links and photos so far. Keep 'em coming - I'm having a great time with them all!


Jocelyn Rish said...

When I first read that face-eating story, I called my fellow zombie-loving brother and said, "It's started." He laughed, and I was mostly kidding, but still... that's how it's going to start - a few wacky stories on the news.

Leah said...

I know, right? They're saying it was a bad acid trip, but can we get some confirmation on that PLEASE?

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