April 15, 2012

Babylit and the books that save your brain

When Charles and I found out Zoe was on her way (but before we knew she was Zoe), the first thing we agreed on was this: we wanted our baby to love books as much as we both do.

(Seriously people: we love books. We have a room upstairs entirely filled with books. So much so that we can't use it as a guest room. That said, it's also where the cats' litterbox is, but whatever. I'll post a picture here one day.)

One of the next things we agreed on was that we needed cool books for her. Because the thought of reading and rereading baby books we hated over and over and over...well, it was a dismal thought.

A go-to baby book for us was the Charley Harper ABC book. We all loved it, and by the time Zoe was one, she knew the sound each animal made (except water-striders...I don't think they actually make sounds).

So when my friend Eric over at Quirk Books said he had some baby books based on classic literature, I jumped all over it. 

He sent me these:

Aren't they gorgeous?  

Classic literature, turned basic for babies. They can learn their colors while you look at beautiful Alice-themed pictures. They can learn to count while you remember reading Jane Eyre back in high school.

So....beautiful.  Seriously.

I shared them with Zoe the day we got them in the mail. She liked the pictures, and had a favorite page in each book. She did gravitate more towards the bright pinks and oranges of Alice, but I personally like the blues and grays of Jane. 

Basically, we loved looking at these books together.  I'll admit, they're a little basic for my almost-four-year-old, so she quickly went back to her superhero books, but we had fun for a little while.

So now I can't wait to pass these along to a couple of friends having babies this summer.  I think their little girls will wind up LOVING them almost as much as Zoe loved her Charley Harper books.

Because really, to help your child love books, you have to love the ones you're sharing.  So share these. They're fabulous.

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