February 15, 2012

The beauty in reading and writing

Last week I talked about what I considered iconic. I said that's probably all any creator wants - to create something that people remember, that sticks with them. I know it's what I want.

But is there more?


I've been reading a lot more lately.  It takes a bit of forcing, honestly, since mostly, I'd rather be writing. 

But I've come to realize I can't create in a bubble, and there's too much to learn from all the books that are already written. I can't ignore them anymore.  I can't rest on my "I've been a voracious reader my whole life and can take a break from consuming to create" laurels anymore.

There are too many beautiful things to read in the world. I can't close myself off from them because I'm afraid I won't measure up.


I made a new friend this week. We'd been acquaintances for a few weeks before we discovered we were both writers. She asked to read my book; I asked to read her screenplay. We found other bizarre things in common.

She sent me a copy of her screenplay, and I opened it with trepidation. I so wanted to like it, but sometimes when you exchange work with a new friend, it can go wrong. So very wrong. The writing can make you cringe. It can make you regret requesting it. 

This...was not one of those times.

Instead, I read something beautiful. Something relevant. Something with just a touch of magic, and a ton of love.   

It was amazing.

And now, I'm feeling SO inspired. Because if writing like that exists in this world, then I thrilled to be a part of it, both creating and consuming.  It's a beautiful world in which to live.

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