January 11, 2012

When in doubt...blog!

Hee hee hee. I don't feel like working on Book 2 tonight.  And I've sworn off editing Book 1 until next week, thus giving my husband time to finish his edits, and thus waiting for feedback from my other writing buddy, which was put in the mail today.

So what to do, what to do while I'm stuck upstairs as Zoe goes to sleep?

I'll blog, of course! Something about which I've been rather slack lately (eye on the prize, eye on the prize...).

I thought some of you might like an update on just where I am in this whole book-writing business.  

Let's see...where AM I?

I am...immersed in the writing of Book 2.  For a few days it moved forward at a fascinatingly quick pace (fascinating to me because it was way faster than I'm used to writing).  Last Friday, while I was home alone for the day, in between cleaning and exercising I managed to write a bit over 4,000 words, a new record for me.  But then I got stuck. 

Sigh.  I've been working in a much more linear fashion than I did on the last book, which is a bit odd, and I just decided I need a new narrator to switch up the voice and timeline a bit. Trouble is, I don't know exactly who I want that new narrator to be.  Is it a good guy? A bad guy? Male? Female? Young? Old? I can't say, but I do know I plan to be cryptic about the narrator's identity, at least in the beginning. Problem being, I can't be cryptic with myself. 

So I'm stuck.

As for Book 1...well, Book 1 is almost there! It's been out in the world with a handful of readers for a month now, and I've received...well...diverse feedback.  Some good, some less than, but all extremely helpful, and I am 100% grateful.  I swore off knee-jerk editing, in which I'd implement EVERY suggestion given to me moments after it was given, and have instead allowed most of the feedback to sink in.  Next week, I plan to implement some small but important changes that should hopefully assuage some reader concerns, make it even better, and to enter in any edits from my eagle-eyed husband.

And then? That's it! It'll be time to send it back out into the world for REAL this time, to see what the publishing industry has to say about it.  I'm so excited about that, I could just pee!  (When Charles reads this he'll make a super-ugly face and be annoyed with me.  Hilarious!! He hates that phrase!)

So anyway, I do have a plan for moving forward, and the way I see it, the publishing industry has changed such that even if no one but me loves my little book, I'll still find a home for it in the e-book world.  Maybe one day I'll even have readers outside my small circle of friends! And that? To me, that's the coolest prospect of all!

Also...T-minus 6 weeks till I get to hopefully meet the famous Stephen King! w00t!!!

So there you have it. A blog post and a book update, all in one!  I'm super-pumped about it all, and I hope you are too!  Hee hee hee.

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Jocelyn Rish said...

I'm so excited for you about your progress on both books. And what's this about possibly meeting Stephen King?!? I'm so jealous.

We really do need to get together occasionally for coffee/lunch/drinks to cheer each other on (or nag if need be!).

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