January 7, 2012

Movies and such (aka: My semi-review of The Descendants)

Zoe has discovered the joy that is called Sleeping Over at Grandmas' Houses.  Only she calls one of her grandmothers Sassy and the other Nana.  But that doesn't matter.  The point is, she likes to sleep at their houses now, not just our house.  Which means that now, even more than before, Charles and I get to do things like go to dinner and movies.  Huzzah!


Tonight we started at our favorite burger place (Sesame, in case you live in Charleston and are interested), where we sat at the bar, watched football, and where neither of us ate burgers. Ah, such is life.  BUT we did have an interesting conversation with a currently-unemployed British scientist who was researching lipids with a practical application of one day curing cancer (until funding cuts by George W. Bush forced him out of his job). 

Ah. Such is life in a crap-tastic economy. But...things are on the up-swing now. Let's hope we vote the right man back into office.  But I digress.


A long time ago, my roommate Elisa came home from work and said, "I have the saddest movie EVER for us to watch."  It was called My Life Without Me and was about a young woman with two small children who finds out she has terminal cancer and decides not to TELL anyone, and instead spends the rest of the movie getting secretly sicker and recording secret messages for her two daughters to watch as they grow up.

Yeah.  We watched it.  And then wanted to die.

(We were both going through tumultuous points in our lives; forgive us a night of wallowing.)

I never thought I'd see anything quite as sad.


Tonight, after our super-fun, almost-raucous dinner, we saw a movie that was almost that sad.

The Descendants stars a growing-older-looking George Clooney, and follows a man who's just found out that: a. his wife is not going to wake up for a trauma-induced coma; and b. she was also cheating on him.  

Yeah.  THAT was cheerful. But not really. At all.

Seriously, though, it was a lovely movie, and I'll admit it: I cried.  A couple times.  No shocker - it was easy to look at the dark-haired, dark eyed movie-daughters and see my Zoe, and wonder: if I was no longer around, would anyone meeting Zoe ever know I'd been a part of her life? What would she and Charles be like without me?

Cheerful, eh?

But seriously, it's a good movie.  Clooney is adorable and brilliant, as usual.  The daughters are beautiful and spunky, my favorite combo. It was shot on-location in Hawaii, which is somewhere I'd really really really love to go someday, and which makes for some beautiful cinematography.  Beaches, mountains, stormy skies. Visually, it was stunning.  

So, if you need cheering up one day soon (ha!), go see it. So long as you're not cheating on your spouse, and that spouse is not on life support, it'll make you happier in your own life.  Seriously.  

(That said, if one of the two above statements describes you...DON'T go see The Descendants!)


Incidentally, as we were leaving the theater tonight, we both smelled fish.  Rotten, stinky fish.  Which was weird, because we're nowhere near the ocean or a river at our local movie theater.

I was, of course, making ugly faces, and looking for the source of the stink when Charles found it.  

"Look at the trees," he said. 

The trees lining the parking lot were literally full of sleeping seagulls, who like to winter here.  I've never seen anything like it.  Every branch held a fluffy, almost-glowing white bird with its head tucked beneath a wing.  I don't like birds, but the sleeping gulls were almost cute! 

But they stank!! Holy cow, if I never encounter a stink like that again, I'll still have smelled it one time too many. YUCK.


Have a restful night, friends!

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