January 20, 2012

A couple-few updates, and some fun links (I'm so not-creative at 7:30 a.m.)

Why, hello! What's up with me only posting on a bi-weekly basis lately, you ask?

I don't know, I answer.  I only know life's been a bit hectic of late, so something's got to give.  

But thank goodness, there is still coffee and chocolate in my life.  And it's Friday.

Here are some random updates, in no particular order:
  • It's Friday, and I have a whole day of entering Charles's line edits ahead of me.  He's SUCH a good editor, it makes me nuts. But he can really find any spot where my wording is awkward or I haven't quite said exactly what I want to say, and he can fix it.  Seriously, he tore up my manuscript and put it back together, and I've only ignored two or three of his gazillion suggested changes.  I'm lucky to have such a good editor right here in my own house, and hopefully the next book won't need quite so much of his talented eye.  Yay for helpful husbands!
  • Zoe stopped sleeping again.  Yep, nightmares. Again.  Last night was a disaster, but (and I repeat), there is coffee in my life.  Chocolate will come later.  But the good news is that I have a fun idea for a little story floating around my head, and I plan to write it, print it and read it to her tonight.  If I like how it turns out, I'll probably post it here this weekend, just for silly fun.  So far it's called Zoe Dylan and the Monster...less than creative, I suppose, but descriptive enough for my three-year-old to get that it's about her and the monster about which she dreams...I hope it turns out well. 
  • Finally, part of the fun of following agents and editors on the Twitters and elsewhere is that you learn...well...those agents? Those scary, mean agents with reputations for terrible rejection letters and such? Well, they're people, too.  And most of them actually seem NICE!  Like they actually want to help the writers out there!  And to help, sometimes they make cool offers, to the effect of, "You post some links, and I'll give you some feedback on your writing."  Amazing, right?  Meredith Barnes is offering to do just that, and Meredith, I hope this counts as posting links!!
    • Here's a link to an author named Deborah Camp, and I'm linking to her specifically because...holy cow! She's prolific!!  She's got over 40 novels under her belt, all in the romance category, and since I'm still editing my first, and have just over 15,000 words of my second written, I absolutely have to admire her tenacity and productivity!  Check out her current available titles if you have a sec.
    • Next we have Dan Streib, another author with a TON of work to his name, including many books under pseudonyms.  Seriously, people - I don't know how these writers have time to do it all!  Dan also looks like a super-interesting guy (A combat officer in the war, a communications specialist with special knowledge of aircraft? The historian in me is drooling!!), so I'll definitely be perusing his titles, which live here on Amazon.  You should take a look too!

So, thanks for reading through to the end of my random post.  If you're interested, check back later this weekend for the monster story, and oh - this weekend just happens to be the opening of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest!! Do check that out, too, if you happen to have a novel you'd like to see compete (ANDREA - THIS MEANS YOU!!)! I know I do! Good luck to all contestants!!!

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