December 16, 2011


I just looked at my site and realized I hadn't posted since December 4th!  For someone who tries to post twice a week, going 12 days without posting is sort of strange.

But...I've been very "eye on the prize" for these last two weeks, focused on editing my book to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. 

And I succeeded! I wanted to finish this draft and send it to readers before the holidays. (My friend Jen gave me the goal of by Festivus, on the 23rd, so I've had that in my head.)  I finished inputting my last edits on Wednesday night, and yesterday hit Send on the email to readers with my draft attached (I had to check 97 times to make sure the pdf file was ACTUALLY attached).  

So now! I get to focus on the holidays, probably to the exclusion of everything else!  Fun, right?  Christmas! Hanukkah! Good times!

Of course...then, after hanging out with my parents for dinner at their place on Sunday, my dad came down with a stomach bug. He was sick all day Monday. Yuck.

And if you know me well, you know NOTHING freaks me out quite like the threat of a stomach bug! They are the WORST, in my opinion.  So this week, amid editing, I've been downing Vitamin C like someone's paying me to do it. I've been feeding Zoe oranges and lemonade like they're going out of style.  Charles has been watching...amused.  

I thought we were safe. I thought we'd made it through.

But then yesterday, while sitting at work, WHAM!  I got smacked in the face with an amazing round of nausea.  If I were a Puker (In my mind, there are two kinds of people in this world: Pukers and Non-Pukers. I am a Non-Puker.), I'd have been a goner.  But it was stomach didn't hurt, nothing else was wrong...I just felt like I was car-sick, even though I was sitting in a stationary chair at my desk.

So...I did what any other logical person would do...I took Dramamine! And it helped! I got through the day! And last night, since I was DONE with my latest draft, I was able to be a miserable lump on the couch without feeling guilty. 

It was beautiful...and also quite miserable.  And today I'm not nauseous, but I AM coughing, so I think I never had a stomach bug at all...just preliminary symptoms of bronchitis.  Sweet! 

Once again, since I am DONE with my draft, I can be a lump today. Zoe's at school.  Charles is at work. I plan to sit here on my couch...maybe wrap presents...maybe go ship gifts to Oklahoma and New Jersey...maybe buy Charles the latest Vanity Fair (RIP Christopher were a cad, but you were a cad who was a brilliant writer and a Really Smart Guy). 

And I get to do it all guilt free...because my latest draft is DONE.

Phew. I'm glad I finished. 

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