November 20, 2011

Sunday night soup

I looked at a calendar a little while ago and realized it had been days and DAYS since I posted anything here, so I thought, well, might as well, right?

It's Sunday night so I have football on.  My Giants are playing one of their two archnemesis-s-sssss, the Eagles, and both teams are playing terribly.  Interceptions all around. Ugh. But the Giants did just sack Michael Vick, so I admit...I celebrated a little. I'm sorry, I can't help it. I still haven't forgiven Vick for running a dog fight ring, and I probably never will.  So there's that.


Zoe's still not sleeping well, which means Charles and I also aren't sleeping well.  My foot's still hurting (full disclosure: it was better, but then I ran two miles this morning, and now it's....not better.), so I was still missing my typical energy outlet for any frustration and aggression.

I guess Charles got sick of hearing me tell him I needed to punch something (no, I never actually did), so he bought me a big, heavy punching bag!!  We hung it today and I beat the crap out of it for probably fifteen minutes, after which I was sweaty, gasping for air, and I'd broken blood vessels on both hands. Whoops.  But I feel tremendously better after having that outlet.

I love endorphins.

That said, I am guessing tomorrow's going to be a painful day. 


I've written several hundred words of Book 2, and might go work on it some more after I finish this post.  I don't feel a major pull to rush it, though, as I know I'm still in my market research phase of Book 1.  I've made tremendous progress on my "pitch" for agent submissions, so I haven't been entirely idle.

Other projects have included: 

I finished World War Z.  I'm still...not sure if I liked it.  But...I never did put it down.  I didn't connect to any of the characters, because there were so few character recurrences, but still. I never did put it down. So that says something.

Today I started On Writing by Stephen King.  A memoir about craft from one of the greatest horror writers ever? Ok, I'm least after having Charles nudge me 973 times. 

I've also started reading some chapters from one of my classmates, which is fun because I'm getting to edit/offer suggestions on work that is NOT my own. 

All told, I'm keeping busy.


Non-sequitor:  I hate reading or hearing about the new college football sexual abuse witch hunt going on.  I feel like America needs a reminder: Innocent  until proven guilty.  It's almost like sex abuse scandals have become all the rage at the big colleges! 

Even sunny Charleston has its own scandal now, with accusations flying at a camp coordinator at The Citadel.

I wonder how much of the charges are true, in any of the cases. 

If they are, those bastards deserve everything they get.

But still...innocent until proven guilty. The whole thing makes me sick.


And so I'll leave with a cheery thought.  Zoe and I? We're on vacation this week!  Poor Charles has to work Monday through Wednesday, but my girl and I have a nice long break.  We're going to do some projects, visit some parks, bake some pies, get ready for Thanksgiving.

Ah, Thanksgiving.  All the food and family of Christmas or Hanukkah, none of the stress about presents.

It's my favorite.

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