November 30, 2011

Oh, Twitterverse, how you baffle me...

I joined Twitter ages ago, right after it started, probably in order to look at something posted either by Charles or my brother, Daniel. They're cutting edge, you see.

In first year or so, I posted maybe five tweets about what I ate for breakfast and the other banalities of life.  I followed.....Charles and Daniel.  The only people who followed me were porn stars. (I know because I accidentally clicked a link for one while at work and it was NSFW!!!!!) (Also, I have no idea why a porn star  would ever follow me. I am the lamest, non-porn-ish person in the history of the world!!)

So then I wrote a book, and decided to try to get it published. I started developing a web presence. I subscribed to agents' blogs.  I commented on their posts. I switched from mom-blogging to (mostly) writerly-blogging.

But I still shied away from Twitter. I still didn't quite get it. 

But I needed to, I got that. I read blog posts about agents finding new clients via Tweets.  I saw that most agents I followed on the blogosphere also were heavy Twitter users.

So...I dusted off my Twitter account, added my standard profile pic, and got to Tweeting.

I started following those same agents, and was amazed to learn if I responded to something they Tweeted, every so often they'd Tweet back!  OMG they TWEETED TO ME!!!

Clearly we were friends, right? Clearly, I was on my way to landing an agent.

But then those same agents posted about the irritation of having writers query them via the Twitters, asking them for critiques via the Twitters, and I realized.  Yeah, we're not friends yet.

Luckily I had not yet committed one of those cardinal sins, so I'm still in good standing with most people I follow.  But still...sometimes...OMG they TWEETED TO ME happens again, and I want to think, "Oh, see? We're REALLY friends now.  I can make my move."

I don't...but I see how easy it could be to make that mistake. Because online? In the Twitterverse? They all seem so friendly and accessible.  In fact, it's going to require some self control to NOT Tweet this very post to several of those agents who I really want to be my friends. To just say, "Hey, I wrote this.  See how cool and savvy I am? Not like those [turns up nose] other writers!"

Honestly, it's not that I'm desperate.  I'm not even ready to query yet.  But I, and so many other writers...we're proud of what we've accomplished, right? When you finish something book-length, it's hard not to stand on the rooftops to sound your mighty Yawp to let the world know you're done.

But still. I have to show restraint. Discretion.  Otherwise I'll seem desperate, and who the hell wants to work with Desperate Girl No. 354392744632?

Ugh.  Even I don't want to work with her.

So I'll contain my excitement, which threatens to bubble over every other day, for at least a little while longer, and I'll play by the rules, even though Twitter makes the rules feel...different.  Because, if I can talk to you, if I can engage you in conversation, why can't I ask you to read my stuff?

(Answer: Because they all have jobs to do, and rules are there for a reason, and it would be insanely annoying to be bothered via Twitter every day by a zillion hopeful authors.)

Anyway, while I'm already complaining about the confusion of making friends on Twitter, I have one other non-related Twitter question.  Can someone explain to me...If I want to re-Tweet a link, but want to add my own little commentary, how do I do that? Because when I click Retweet, it just does it...doesn't allow me to edit.  What am I doing wrong??

Anyway, that's my *other* confusion of the week...because I'm tired of talking about three-year-olds and monsters. 


Jen said...

Pretty sure you just copy/paste the original tweet instead of using the Retweet link. Preface the original with RT @[username], or with MT if you had to shorten the original tweet.

I don't know if there are clients that make this easier. I just post via the website.

anna said...

I get followed by porn chicks, too! Really is confounding how they find me/decide to follow me since it's mostly kid/craft related stuff that I tweet about...One time, early on, I looked at my new follower's profile & almost clicked on her website ( the twitter byline was totally innocuous & her tweets were nothing crazy), thinking it was a fellow crafter's blog... Then, I didn't always read the link, but this time I did & boy, am I glad I did! Needless to say, I read the link, now.
AND Layne uses a twitter gadget that's on his google home page that lets you edit retweets, so you def could ask him about it.

Leah said...

Anna, what IS that about? So weird!! I mean...why? Porn!!! (Said like Kahn.)

And thanks for the tips, girls!

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