October 12, 2011

Stuff I'll do...after the book is done

I...never feel like I have free time anymore.  I...also never knew I had a Type A personality before.  But...if Zoe is a-bed and there's no laundry staring me in the face, chances are I will be writing or editing.

I have begun to obsess over these two things to a point that I think might just be a teeny-tiny bit unhealthy.  Because really, I get a little...high-strung...if I have not worked on my book on any given day.  Seriously, if it's a "day off," you will probably find me rocking back and forth in a corner.

Tomorrow...tomorrow...I'll be more productive tomorrow...it's only a day away....

So today I started thinking about all the free time I'll have when I'm done writing/editing my book.  It'll be like Christmas every day, won't it? Without all the pressure of Unedited Pages staring at me through my cute pink netbook. Without all the stress about "will it or won't it get published someday?"  Without all that darn work to do!

It's pretty amazing to think about all that free time. So then I thought about...what would I DO with all that free time?  Here's my top 10, in no particular order.

1. Take up knitting. God forbid I not have some project going on - I'd be asleep on the couch by 8:00 every night!

2. Pay more attention to my husband. He's in a sadly neglected state these days, since as soon as Zoe goes upstairs, I am frantically yoga-ing or searching for my laptop to begin my night job.  Maybe he'd like it if we watched more movies together like we used to.

3. Read all the damn books that have been collecting on my book pile. Among them: Feed, World War Z (no, I have NOT read it even though it's the top book in my current zombie-genre), Meta Maus (Charles just ordered this for me and it looks AMAZING), The Marriage Plot (another recent purchase - Charles is reading this one first, though), and maybe even Matterhorn.  Really. The pile. It's out of control.  And I WANT to read all these books, but I haven't had time!! 

4. Read On Writing by Stephen King.  There, I said it. I know it'll be helpful.

5. Find New and Exciting Dinner Recipes that Zoe will actually eat!  

6. Cut my dog's toenails. They really need it, but it's an hour-long task, and I don't have an extra hour to kill.

7. Work out. Harder. Longer. Kick serious ass. (I know I said I already work out at night, but I could kick it up a notch or three if I didn't feel compelled to sit down and work afterwards!)

8. Sleep better at night? I hope? Sometimes I get so keyed up by what I'm writing that I have a super-hard time falling asleep that night. If I wasn't writing, would I sleep better? Hmm...

9. Solve world hunger.  Yeah, I just thought I'd throw that out there. It could happen!

10.  And when I finish all that? Or, more likely because there are already new voices and characters in my head, I will...write. Another novel? Some short stories? Who the hell knows. But rats, I will get right back into my writing. 

So it goes.

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