October 7, 2011

Learning by learning, dammit

Last night marked an historic occasion.

I, Leah Beth Soltis Rhyne (whew), went back to school! I'm like Rodney Dangerfield only...not...so....gross...I hope...

Heh, seriously, though, you know I was nervous to get back into the whole classroom-mode thing, even though in this case the classroom was my bedroom.  I literally had back-to-school stress dreams all week. You know the ones - you show up to class, thinking you're on top of things, only to find out the class has already been meeting for six months and tonight is the final exam, and you don't even know what the class was about? Yeah, I had that one twice this week.  Add that to some random work stress, and you can imagine how high strung I was by last night.

And...I was out of wine.  So sad. 

Class started at 7, so by 6:45 Zoe and I were watching little videos on my little laptop so I could be ready for when the Great Video Call came to get things rolling.  Sadly, when it came at 6:53, two things happened.

  1. Zoe melted down completely at being unceremoniously kicked out of my room, and
  2. My sweet little pink netbook couldn't handle the stress of a conference call (although I've made a million Skype calls to my brother in London on this same box), and it all but exploded.  Literally, I think there was steam coming out of the USB ports. 


But, luckily I am used to technology glitches (seven years in the software industry has taught me something), so I didn't panic completely and instead bullied Charles into giving me his Mac (RIP, Steve Jobs), then installed the latest version of Skype on his machine, and was back up and connected by about 7:15. Phew.  And I didn't completely lose it.

Of course then, even after Zoe calmed down from her initial breakdown, she totally freaked out at the prospect of going to sleep without my help since I was JUST IN THE OTHER ROOM.  It was difficult to focus on anything while I could hear her crying, but Charles was the hero of the night and did his best to make her happy, so eventually she settled down.  Next week, I will try bribery...

Anyway, the class itself was mostly introductory, but it seems like it's going to be a great group. Lots of different genres covered, lots of different writing/editing styles.

I'm still fighting against the advice I'm now getting from two places (Charles has been telling me this for months, and now my teacher is saying the same thing) to "drawer" my book for two months after this latest round of edits.  I know it's the right thing to do...I get that. It's just...I'm impatient.  But still..I think I am going to try it out and see how it goes. So for anyone waiting for my next draft...you may just have to wait a little longer.

But maybe not.  Maybe I'll send it out first...and then drawer it after...

Or maybe I'll see how the next seven weeks of class (and editing) go.  How will it turn out? It's a mystery, but that's the fun of writing, isn't it?

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