October 17, 2011

The King's Speech and other items

Did you know that, a long time ago, I used to write book and movie reviews on Charles's blog, the beautiful Ashcan Rantings?  

Really! I did! I think I was trying to get good at it so I could write reviews for a local paper like Charles used to, but I never actually pursued that path. And since I'm typically about five steps behind everyone else on getting to the theater or reading the Next Big Book, I gave it up as just another silly hobby.

Anyway, if you ever want to see any of that (there are some good books and movies listed there, if you need a suggestion of what to watch/read next), just filter his blog on the Leah tag and you'll find me.  Just don't judge - I was barely getting started on the whole writing thang, and trust me, I'm still learning how to write decent sentences, even now.

But, that said, I realized late last week that one reason I enjoyed doing the reviews was because they gave me a place to talk about things I enjoyed.  And since I miss having that outlet, I hope you'll humor me as I start to talk in a more review-like way occasionally here on this blog.  I doubt I'll ever do formal reviews, but might as well keep recommending good stuff to my readers, right?

So...to that end...have you seen The King's Speech yet? (See above comment re: being five steps behind the times on almost everything.)

Charles and I got it from NetFlix months ago (I'm not joking - it arrived probably in April? And we've been meaning to watch it ever since...but it just so happens SOMEONE is always working at night!!* So we rarely watch movies anymore.), and we finally had the time to watch it on Friday night.

Let me tell you.  As a history freak who specializes in WWII, to me this was an amazing picture of a turbulent slice of time.  I mean, the monarchy-stuff was all incredibly interesting, too (I didn't know a British king abdicated his throne over an American divorcee!!), but the pieces of the movie that focused on the moment Britain declared war on Germany were incredible to me.  So gut-wrenching, knowing what we now know, to see the face of a young, Army-age man as he realizes he's going to have to go to war, and possibly die, for his country.  

Also incredible were the costumes! Ohmigosh, I love the clothes of the upper-crust society in the 20s, 30s and 40s.  Man, I want one of the future-queen's hats from that movie - soooooo beautiful and elegant.  

And really, so much has been said of the performances of the lead actors, but will it ever be enough? Colin Firth is so good at stammering that I feel uncomfortable for him. Geoffrey Rush is pushy, hysterical and lovely. And if I could BE Helena Bonham Carter for just one day, regardless of what role she's playing...well, that would be an insanely cool day, wouldn't it?

So anyway,  there you have it. I recommend The King's Speech HIGHLY to anyone who likes cool docu-drama-thingies.  It's a two-thumb-upper, indeed. 

*That person working at night? That's me. 

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