October 10, 2011

Generation gap, my ass...

I remember being a kid and thinking grown-ups, especially those of my grandparents' generation, were some other race, possibly from Mars.  They were so different from me. They liked such different things, like smoking and watching CNN and reading the newspaper.  I liked running around and watching cartoons and reading the comics. 

It seemed like I'd never understand them, and they'd never understand me.

But it occurred to me yesterday that technology is completely modifying the perceived gap between generations.  Before she passed away, my Nana could email.  ALL IN CAPS, so it felt like she was maybe, almost yelling at you, but still...there were emails. We communicated on a whole new level thanks to those emails.

Then last night, something kind of cool happened.  

My parents and Charles's mom came over for Sunday dinner (venison chili - YUM!).  Zoe (reminder: she's three) was SUPER excited to show her Sassy, Pops and Nana how she could now play Wii bowling. Ohmigosh, it was such an exciting time for her, to be able to show off how she could press the right buttons, throw the ball and even occasionally get all the pins down. 

The first game was between Zoe and Charles, her coach.  That made sense...the tech-savvy dad helping his tech-savvy daughter show off her new skills.  I love watching the two of them play because Zoe is just as happy when Charles gets a strike as when she does, and for her, one pin or ten, it doesn't make a difference.  If something falls, she hops like a little toad.

Their game ended, and it was time for another. This time, Sassy stepped up. To be fair, Sassy is pretty tech-savvy herself, and she does have a Wii at home, so this wasn't entirely unexpected. But still, it was a game they could play on almost equal levels. In this case, the technology tool was the great equalizer (although Sassy did come away with the W).

Then, after their game, Zoe turned to her Nana and said, "Nana, do you want to play with me?"

Nana...doesn't always get along with technology. She'd rather be outside in her garden (weather permitting) than inside with her computer, but she is a little on the competitive side. So she stood up and let Charles show her how to play Wii bowling.

By this time, we were all laughing hysterically, cheering each successful throw and teasing about each gutter ball.  We were three generations under one roof, from very different parts of the country, united by one simple, easy little game.

I know lots of things can bring people together, but think about it. A three-year-old keeping up with her grandparents? And her younger, hipper (hahahaha) parents? That's pretty stinking amazing if you stop and consider.


In other news, I'm still plugging away on the book.  I have a handle on how it's all coming together, it's just going to take some time. I'm still pleasantly surprised by my writing on the latter two story-lines - I guess I really have learned something in the past year or so.

Phew. My one year anniversary of being an unpublished novelist is coming up.  Maybe I should celebrate?

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