September 19, 2011

A picture of a tortured writer

Saturday night, I got into it.

Really, really into it.

I was writing a scene for the latest character with whom I've been working lately, went downhill.  The scene, I mean, not the writing. I gave my character a little leeway and played around, trying to figure out as I wrote what was going to happen next. There were no preconceived notions.  

So I just kept writing.  At some point, Charles gave up on me and went to bed.  At another point, I realized the windows were still open and I was freezing.

And then, I got mad. 

Really, really mad. 

Because the scene I was writing took on a life of its own, and another character was being disgusting and despicable, and I felt powerless to stop him.  He hurt a kid, a really little kid, and it made me so sad and angry I could hardly take it.

So I kept on writing. Really, really writing.  

Because I knew, at that point, that I knew how to finish the scene and the chapter, and I knew that if I didn't finish it in that sitting, it was just going to keep me up all night anyway.  It made sense to give in and let the bad guy win for the night, so I did.  

When I was done, I checked my word count, just for fun.  I expected maybe 2,000 words. But no. 3,656 words had come out while I worked in my sweatshirt and my shorts and the open windows and the breeze and the dark.

It was pretty cool, I have to say.  Call it my sick face, call it me feeling a little tortured, call it a regular productive night.  Doesn't matter.  All that matters is that I'm that much closer to finishing telling my story, and I'm that much more confident in the story I've been telling. 

So it was a good night.  A really, really good night.


To reward myself, tonight I'm finally purchasing Microsoft Office for my little netbook. I hope my machine can handle it! But it's time, really.  I've been doing all my writing on Google Docs, which is great because I can access my pages anywhere I go. But to submit things, you need Microsoft Word-formatted documents, so when I've compiled my chapters it's been on other people's computers, which never quite feels right.

So yay! Word!  And the best part? One of the perks of my job is that we get a great deal on Microsoft products.  So I'm getting software I need at a price I love, and as long as my little pink computer is up for it, I'll be even more in business by this time tomorrow!



Jen said...

You write in Google Docs on a pink netbook? What?? I don't know what I was picturing but it definitely was not that. I think we need photographic evidence =D

Leah said...

Heh, I'll try to comply!!

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